The Role of AI and IoT in transforming the 5G world with better connectivity

The Role of AI and IoT in transforming the 5G world with better connectivity

The world of Digital Transformation is at a transient stage of progression from 4G Technology to 5G Wireless Networks offering an enhanced level of Connectivity. Most of the Industries are setting up numerous Internet of Things devices in their factories to take care of the tremendous volumes of data generated by consumers every day. The Fifth Generation Technology should provide a faster data transfer speed within enterprises and compel the drastic changes to take place in the market arena.

In reality, there will be AR and VR Technologies built for the users to watch sports from anywhere, listen to music, drones delivering parcels to homes and virtual assistance duly attending to consumers lives. It should result in digital transformation companies latching on to the vast opportunities thriving at the many industries and to stage for the large-scale technology disruption.

According to Ericsson, with fast extension of 5G wireless network deployment evolving up to date, approximately 4.1 Billion number of IoT Cellular Connections are expected to participate in 2024.The impact of Fifth Generation Wireless Network will help digital world with reliable connectivity and ensure to the swift business operations across many industries, global markets including Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and Logistics.

Role of AI and IoT in Digital Transformation across Industries

Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management could be effectively managed by installing IoT based Data Sensors and controlling the internet traffic, thus ensuring to its real-time availability amongst the Stakeholders. It should help manage all sorts of products proprietarily through utilizing a category of data like location, temperature, pressure, moisture and others.

Introducing Wireless Technology within the IoT Sensors would mean a lot to the supply chain operation keeping ahead of the low losses and alleviate manual faults, mishaps on containers etc. The combined benefits of using AI and IoT Technology will empower the supply chain management to function intelligibly and predict to the accurate demands of production while streamline logistic processes to reduce cost.


In general, interconnecting both the public and private vehicles to create the Ecosystem with the help of 5G Networks might actually affect the way how customers and goods travel around the globe. It will give the trucks and vehicles an increased level of visibility and controlled precision to manage the fleets of transportation system. The vast existence of 5G Wireless should provide many cities with real-time invaluable access to transportation and logistics systems.

Moreover, 5G can allow vehicle-to-vehicle communication to be held relentless across geographies, especially to secure road safety with gradual no of vehicles already getting driverless in this world of smart cities. The significance of this high speed interconnectivity is low latency that permits to the secure transmission of large amounts of data between vehicles without any lags.

Similarly, the 5G Wireless can be utilized to play a key role in the Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications thus making the ease of access to traffic light, bus stops and the road system itself. This might result in improving traffic flows, lessen external dangers, increment vehicle reaction time and ensure to the readiness of public transportation systems becoming more consumer friendly and convenient.

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Almost all the production operations can be enhanced with the presence of 5G Technology in the manufacturing industry further, enabling to maximum flexibility and efficiency while improvising on safety factors. It also induces a plenty of product manufacturers to venture into smart factories by simply integrating the latest of technologies most preferably, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality.

In addition, the 5G wireless network can empower the floor staff to control, monitor and reconfigure both the Artificial Intelligence based Robots and semi-automatic robots at ease from a remote location. The versatile usage of Fifth Generation Wireless also finds its place in Augmented Reality and succeed in recreating the real world scenarios, utilizing high bandwidth capacity. This would help industries and digital transformation companies to develop the training center and upskill their employees efficiently.

For Example, Ericsson had successfully adopted the AR Technology in one of its factory to improve productivity by 50% while reducing the cost that incur due to breakdowns. This resulted in more and more use cases getting noticed on digital assets and added on to the digitalized IT Consulting Companies. The common access to AI and IoT Technologies should increase tremendously across many industries and smart cities in the year 2020.


The practise of mobile shopping is trending and immensely preferable among the many lots of consumers worldwide. In fact, a 100 million of Americans in 2018 have made their online shopping using smartphones. The basic reason for people to go for mobile shopping therein heavily relies on the data connectivity provided on 4G/LTE Network.

However, with the next generation wireless connection established by 10 times faster the shopping behaviours of consumers should greatly vary in vigorously. Online Shopping would have virtual reality rooms enhanced by AR experiences to make the customer experience totally immersive and satisfactory. The Fifth Generation Wireless Network should incite a lot of customers to select for the best fit Mobile app development companies and to realize their most impressive product delivered on their hands.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing acts as an enabler to the 5G World and empowers its seamless connectivity factor amidst bearing to the low features and functions of mobile devices. Cloud Applications would help tackle major challenges like low throughput, latency factor and interrupted connectivity that persists within different mobile phones. The existential composition of AI in 5G World and IoT in 5G World would result in many industries self-manage these advanced technologies which could power up any smartphone to real-time communicate with the central server.

The digital transformation companies would find mobile apps to be a stimulus and an interesting thing to work with, making apps swiftly functional at an ultra-low latency and high throughput. This can speed up the digital transformation process at enterprises much faster competing against the rivals that exist in corporate LAN and Desktop Connectivity.

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The military mandatorily requires the uninterrupted level of mobile device communications to build up the lethal strategy. The usual scenario in the military frequently urges for real-time data collection and data transmission be forwarded to mobile devices in the field operations. It might help radically transform a life threatening situation into a practically viable environment for people who suffer from nature devastation.

The Fifth Generation Wireless Technology may be used in advance to upkeep with the supply chain management and serve to a maximum no of people in the war zone. The real benefits of AI and IoT can be obtained through clearly accumulating the data collections and by knowing the material usage at military quarters. This should help any military staff to recommend for the optimum spending and utilization of resources.


The power of 5G Connectivity can be maximum leveraged in the education sector especially for transforming the way how students and adults are getting virtually educated. There will be quite a number of AR/VR experiences specifically built for teachers to easy perform their mentorship duty and impart adequate knowledge to their students. Basically, the AR/VR Educational Platforms might vary from the traditional teaching methods but however, its applications within the education space should become considerably cost effective, maintain a low risk and improve on better retention.

The 5G Final Words

The availability of mainstream 5G Wireless Connectivity should become more accessible to global industries and digital transformation companies. The 5G Wireless will have unlimited bandwidth capacity and capability to easy deploy mobile applications across multiple industries. Ultimately, the impact of fifth generation wireless technology should noticeably inter-connect core systems and processes while improving reliability for business owners.

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