How Android App Development Is Transforming The M-Commerce Industry?

How Android App Development Is Transforming The M-Commerce Industry?

While the extensively growing Internet usage attracted individuals and business organizations, to try quite a few unprecedented things, mobility solutions have indeed revolutionized the modern business ecosystem. The advent of mobile devices, especially the smartphone, has fueled the digital transformation by leaps and bounds.

Mobility has certainly eased the life of E-Commerce businesses and shoppers alike. With innovative mobile application development and the amazing user experience it provides, consumers’ shopping experience has been heightened to a newer level. Android app development has taken the charm of mobile technology to the common man. Now, there are several Android mobile apps that cater to the need of shoppers and retailers.

The latest in this list of digital solutions that offer convenience to all the online commercial activities is the Mobile Commerce apps.

The Android—M-Commerce ConnectM-Commerce involves using mobile devices such as smartphones to conduct any type of business transactions. Up scaled security and wide-spread use of smartphones for accessing the Internet has led to the new concept of M-Commerce. Here, using mobile devices, business activities of buying and selling can be effortlessly accomplished, via the Internet.

Android having a major market share among the modern global devices, naturally, it is Android mobile app development that takes the mobile commerce industry to the next level.

It is believed that 54% of all retail commerce is expected to take place through M-commerce applications. It is a big thing for the mobile app development industry, particularly Android app development companies in by-and-large.

Why Android is the Natural Choice for Mobile Commerce Industry?

Android is the most widely used platform:
Worldwide, there has been an increasing demand from enterprises and users that drive app developers to constantly work at creating innovative mobile apps. The primary requirement is of course improving business development and growth. In this race against meeting the requirements successfully, Android App Development Companies are seen to be always occupied.

With the goal of reaching out to as many users as possible, and in order to fully utilize the open-source nature of the operating system, mobile application developers across the globe commonly choose Android platform, by default for developing mobile applications.  Moreover, the worldwide, Android devices are being used by a great number of users.

Technology takes the mobility solution route:
Today, modern strategies and devices propelled by newer technologies are the real driving factors that enable any business to succeed and sustain. Most of the modern business organizations have chosen to have their own mobile applications designed on priority level. A major portion of them naturally go in for Android app development due to the extensive usage of Android devices around the world.

Mobile devices and mobile applications play a vital role in enhancing business processes in this contemporary world. This has given rise to the new way of selling products and services online, using M-Commerce.

What are the Factors that Make Android the First Choice for M-Commerce Apps?

  1. Android is enriched with a huge user baseAndroid platform is having a share of over 70% in the global market. This is one of the primary reasons that encourages entrepreneurs dealing in m-commerce to select it.
  1. Android is affordableCompared to other devices, Android proves to be economical. Moreover, Android devices are available in a range of pricing, offering a neutral choice to all classes of the population.
  1. Backward compatibility support for M-CommerceAndroid being an open-source platform, it supports backward compatibility for all its devices as well as its different versions.
  1. Integration is easy with future technologiesAndroid offers easy integration with several upcoming technologies such as wearable devices, Artificial Intelligence-powered apps, Augmented Reality-based mobile commerce apps, and others.

How Android App Development Facilitates Smooth Payment in M-Commerce
The inherent and primary component of M-Commerce is the easy, secure payment system. By enabling applications to provide several secure and convenient payment modes, Android apps make online transactions smooth and yet simple.

Android app development offers easy and reliable mobile payment options for M-Commerce. The following reliable payment capabilities available in Android apps ensure that Android App Development Companies are kept constantly busy with creating M-Commerce apps on a regular basis:

Mobile Wallets:By storing payment-related data about the user and running through PIN or secure biometric authentication, Mobile wallets enable reliable and secure payment in a quicker manner. Android app development supports all major payment wallets such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and others in its M-Commerce integration.

Closed Loop Payment:Here, payment is linked with a specific brand or organization through its dedicated mobile app. Major players that have adopted this system are Starbucks, Walmart Pay, and Taco Bell.

POS:Android facilitates building M-Commerce apps that support contactless payment and card reader facilities, which gives users great M-Commerce experience.

Direct Money Transfer:Direct money transaction between users is enabled through in-app facility, in addition to banking apps. M-Commerce payment has been eased greatly by this facility.

Contact-free Payment Option Using NFC and Bluetooth:This innovative option empowers shoppers to make payments by just placing their smartphones having an active M-Commerce app against a device, or a terminal in the retail outlet.

Transformation in M-Commerce Industry Caused by Android app development
Today, a huge volume of E-Commerce transactions is being performed by using mobile devices, especially smartphones. Driven by the comfort of conducting business transactions through their mobile devices rather than physically visiting brick and mortar stores, more and more people are literally drawn to this network.

Android single-handedly contributes the major chunk, when it comes to mobile commerce industry. By facilitating, developing useful and user-friendly apps that have easy and effective functionalities, it offers the following specific benefits to online retailers and all E-Commerce stores:

  • Location-based marketing is enabled
  • Business cost is brought under control
  • Customer loyalty improvement is made possible
  • Helps attract  customers using offers such as discounts and reward points
  • Efficient inventory management functions ensure that stocks never get exhausted
  • Provides updated and real-time information’s that enables smart and quick business decision making

It is evident that with unmatched reach across the globe, Android devices have captured a major share of mobile devices market. Mobile app development using Android has been powering nearly two thirds of the world’s everyday applications. There’s little wonder that mobile commerce industry will be dominated and driven by Android app development in the coming years as well.

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