Common mistakes to be avoided while designing an Android App

Common mistakes to be avoided while designing an Android App

Mobile apps & their increased importance

Mobile business apps and mobile app development companies are overachievers of digital transformation across small and medium class businesses. Mobile apps are one of the primary catalysts with which they have fast-tracked the process of maturity within the Indian start-up ecosystem. They are potential means for players in the technology business industry to create immense value. Alongside, they are of help in skillfully delivering it to all stakeholders and their primary customers with complete personalization. Continuously expanding horizons of functionalities in mobile apps have covered location-based customization. It enhances your presence and numerous digital products which have increased the importance of an immaculate UI and a proper design of mobile apps.

Ultimately, the mobile app is only as good as its core design, and a significant share of its success is credited to its excellent mobile app design.

Why should you have near to perfect mobile apps?

Online PresenceIt is extremely essential for businesses to have their existence on smartphones and reach their potential customers through the mobile app channel. Any company that doesn’t find itself on either (preferably both) the leading mobile app market stores is sure to fight the existential crisis and diminish in the competitive era.

Magnanimous M-Commerce channelWith more than 50% of e-commerce related searches happening through the smartphone channel, it is quite evident that the smartphones have an enormous potential to increase sales. One of the primary dominant forces behind building mobile apps is to efficiently reach the customers and sell products and services with proper customer retention on the app. A good UI is extremely important as the mindset of the mobile app owner is something similar to the one discussed here.

Potential ways to MonetizeThese days, it is simple for all the businesses. Either you perform, make a profit or perish. Mobile apps are a potential way to help you pull a clear revenue stream by monetizing mobile apps. Monetization of mobile apps can only be effective if there is an excellent quality mobile UI design, which is supporting better sales, and monetization through the mobile app. It is one of the main reasons why companies are hiring Android Development Companies aggressively for creating good mobile apps with an impactful UI.

Common mistakes you should carefully avoid while designing mobile apps

Ignoring the importance of consistencyOne of the best spoilers you can give to mobile app users is inconsistency with input tools and elements of the UI. Quality mobile app designers generally use a stable configuration of UI element tools for specific activities throughout the app. For instance, if a swipe from the left fetches the editing tools for a photo editing app, they will always be swiped from the left along all use cases and user journeys across the mobile app.

Trying to ‘over-fit’ content in a single screenOften, when mobile app designers have to deal with a large number of functionalities on the same user journey, they end up bogging the smartphone screen. It certainly makes it look untidy and complicated to use. Instead, they should look to atomically breaking down the user journey and design several screens. It should be done in a way that only a limited number of features or third-party functionalities are required on a single screen at a particular point in time.

Treating iOS and Android mobile app design indiscriminatelyEarlier, it was considered that iOS mobile app designs are an epitome of design standards and that should be followed across various platforms and operating system. However, now the scenarios have changed; Apple is no longer the design leader of mobile apps. Thus, mobile application development companies should consider iOS, and

Android mobile app development projects with a distinct approach and nothing least remains similar except the use cases and functional requirements.

Not considering low bandwidth or no Internet connection usersOften mobile app development companies use cloud architecture to host mobile apps, and they forget that there can be instances where the mobile application users are in a low bandwidth zone, or they might not have an Internet connection. India is a country where the scenario of Internet coverage is rapidly changing. But still, there are numerous places where the Internet is yet to reach. To cater to a large and diversified segment of the mobile app consumer base, while app development companies should necessarily take utmost care of making lightweight native features and functionalities. They should at least have a minimal UX while a user uses the mobile app without an Internet connection.

Architectural design choicesEarlier it was a time when J2EE compiled; server hosted mobile apps were dominating the mobile app development sector. Now, it is the time of lightweight containerized deployment. It is essential that the core architectural design choices are carefully made by experienced CTOs and professionals considering:

  • Expected workload
  • Minimum server throughput
  • Expected ROI
  • Overall budget
  • Configuration of third-party services

Ignoring the importance of an actionable mobile app marketing planAll mobile business apps have a strong motive, and they are completely agenda driven. Generally, the business agenda behind mobile business apps is customer engagement and making the business sell its products and services convincingly. It can only be done aggressively with proper use of mobile app engagement tools and app store optimization strategies. Alongside, there is a dire need for an organic customer engagement team that builds relationships and helps people perceive the brand.


The increase market share of Mobile App Development Companies in the Indian IT sector is opening up immense possibilities of solving more significant problems. Also, there are chances of more efficiency and selling products and services aggressively. Business mobile applications have become a great reason for businesses to invest in technology. They are sure to reap the benefits with an ever-increasing mobile user base of over 2.5 billion smartphone users all across the globe.

Because the stakes are so high, the margin of error is less. The consequences of a significant mistake in design, significantly penalize mobile app development companies and owners. The tools and steadily maturing virgin technologies are improving the mobile app designing processes. They are sure to proliferate shortly.

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