Effective ways to get smarter about Business Intelligence in 2021

Effective ways to get smarter about Business Intelligence in 2021

Business intelligence is pretty much all the rave in the business world. The word ‘business intelligence’ has been around for almost 3 decades, but the tech is more relevant now than ever. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, business intelligence techniques can help you improve the overall landscape of your business or organization.

Any business that has the science of data as its foundation is to be much more successful than the rest. Business intelligence is nothing but bringing together various streams of data study and developing a system based on that. It consists of data automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, data security, and a lot more. Basically, one can develop and enhance this tech whenever something new pops out.

Business intelligence is all about devising a strategy. The main contribution of business intelligence for your business would be to aid you in making data-driven decision-making. Business intelligence techniques will help you to gain insights through studying various data associated with your business and present this data in a visual form.

The representation of data in visual form is one of the key characteristics of business intelligence. This is called data visualization. As you see the available data in a visual format, it will be easy to establish a correlation between any of the existing parameters. For example, you can establish the relationship between the sales of your product and the payday of the people. You can add context to your model to gain a better understanding of your business.

If you are deploying a business intelligence strategy or business intelligence technique, you have to know about the latest trends in the market and find ways to optimize your business intelligence strategy.

Efficient ways to get smarter about business intelligence in 2021:

  • Devise a method to share the insights

This is one of the most common areas where you can up your efficiency. Remember the Chinese whisperer game? Well, imagine a diverse workplace of different talents brought together under a single roof; it’s a great place for information to fall into black holes.

The process of data-driven decision making has to happen throughout the pyramid. If this is the case, then there should be an effective communication system in place to ensure that critical data doesn’t get missed in the chain. Both Intra and inter-communication of various departments need to be optimized.

The insights available should be shared across departments to ensure that people understand more about their contribution to the business and become self-aware about making data-driven-decision making.

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  • Collecting data

It is no surprise that business intelligence tools are versatile in nature and can run on many platforms. Take social media for example. There have been significant improvements made across various social media platforms that can present you with insights as you use them. there is no need for a separate process that does the work. Instead, a parallel process is deployed and made available to the users.

The data that businesses connect from social media channels are very precious since the platform provides direct engagement of the brand with the customers. This data can be used to make data-driven decision-making. There are business intelligence companies that do this work exclusively and aid businesses to form data-driven decision-making, but if you are a small business and are just starting out, then you can use channels that have built-in analytics tools.

Post COVID-19, it’s expected that 95% or more of enterprise software vendors will consider Cloud BI as a must-have, as every organization is now a distributed one. (Dresner, 2020)

It is important to maintain the image of the business in the market. Unhappy employees translate to lousy products/services, at least that’s what the customers think. If this is the case, then there should be space for employees to convey their opinions and give feedback to the HR team. There are various tools that can collect data from employees regarding their experience within the organization.

A small step for your IT team, but a giant leap for your business!!!

Your business intelligence techniques or trends should point towards automation; if not it’s time to realign your strategy. Automation is no more science fiction. In fact, many industries that adopted a relevant automation model with the right amount of help from AI or ML have been more efficient than others.

The goal of implementing a business intelligence technique or focusing on a particular business intelligence trend is to efficiently screen through the data at hand. The high demand for data utilization has led to the birth of many business-intelligence companies in the market. They are highly efficient in devising a strategy that future proofs your business.

If done right, aligning your business intelligence goal towards automation can be a game-changer for your business. As the process involves filtering through mountains of data, there needs to be a system in place that can work efficiently without slacking on the precision.

AI can come in handy when you need to maintain precision in the long run. Valuable data can be collected from backend processes that can take your business to the next level. In such a scenario, there is a need to identify patterns and draw conclusions. Devising a proper automation strategy is the missing piece that can give dimensions to your business!

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Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade….

The decision-making process can be a bit stressful, but this can make or break your business! Organizations are required to make tough decisions in order to keep their business alive and stay relevant in the market. When you are in a position to make decisions for your business, it is better to opt for data-driven decision making rather than going with your intuition.

Let’s take the recent pandemic as an example. Many businesses have faced severe backlash during the initial period of the pandemic. The sudden outbreak has shocked various sectors and is forced to evolve past the limitations of the virus outbreak. Businesses that were reluctant to adapt to the situation became the victims.

Companies with CEOs that spearhead data-driven decisions are 77% more likely to achieve business goals. They are also 59% more likely to derive actionable insights from analytics results. (Deloitte, 2019)

A drastic change in the business model that allows their work process to function remotely has saved their business to stay afloat. Many tech giants like Google and Amazon have been experimenting with the hybrid work model and flexible employee engagement to keep their business intact despite the virus outbreaks. This model also ensures the employees of their job security thus taking a load off of them.

Understanding the various dimensions of the data from your business can help you foresee such drastic situations. It is important to make sure that the key decision-makers of your business understand the nature of the market and have the conviction to keep the business alive, despite a pandemic!

Wrapping this up…

It is true that the market is rapidly adapting to the business intelligence Solutions but there is more to it than just going with the flow. It is important to understand the nature of your business and set realistic expectations from your strategy. The market is and will change in the future. This puts pressure on the businesses to stay relevant irrespective of the time. A strong business intelligence model can help you stay in the game despite the changes in the market, basically future-proofing your business!

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