Top Frameworks to consider for Chatbot Development in 2022

Top Frameworks to consider for Chatbot Development in 2022

The Chatbot communication system has a plenitude of real applications for people and businesses to explore in and around IT Enterprises. Already, it is receiving a world-wide adoption among the many enterprises because of its powerful artificial intelligence to interact with customers proprietarily. The Chatbot Industry is expected to have a rapid growth for IT Enterprises according to the latest Grand View Research. It states that the global chatbot market would have a CAGR growth rate of 24.3% every year with net revenue forecasted to be nearly a whopping USD 1.25 billion by 2025.

In fact, there are numerous benefits of Chatbot Development that is yet to be unravelled by enterprises so far. This is likely to induce a lot of IT Consulting Companies to explore every available chatbot development framework and build perfect chatbot applications for business. Moreover, with this fluctuating market behaviours, it should present with a dearth of challenges for developers to select the one best framework for chatbot development and achieve the long-term reputation authoritatively.

We have written this blog with the clear intention to help you out on selecting the right chatbot framework from the enlisted below most popular chatbot development frameworks in 2022. It should empower you to build the highly intelligent smart bots at any time reliably.

1. Microsoft Bot Framework

It is one of the most established chatbot development platform that might help build, manage chatbots that attributing to highly interactive and effective communications. Microsoft Bot Framework has all the tools and channels that alone makes it a default platform for developers to build chatbot applications and publish them all at one place. The two most important components of this framework are the very presence of its numerous channel connectors and reliable SDK Environment for realizing the many predictive ways of business logic, internal to the chat conversation.

A few significant benefits of Chatbot Development using Microsoft Bot Framework are the built-within options, computer technical support, ML Speech to Text translation, and ability to converse on different computer languages. All conversation bots thus developed and published are excellent to integrate with the messaging apps like Slack, Skype, Facebook, Cortana, Website, Microsoft Teams etc.

2. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a text and voice chatbot tool that can innately build and integrate conversational bot interfaces across different sets of application more swiftly. It has the ability to recognize automatic speeches together with natural language comprehensibility to make Amazon Lex a highly interactive chatbot development for business. Indeed, Amazon Lex Framework has a lot of features and functions that developers can utilize while building the highly engaging user experiences for real time customers. These Chatbots can be connected to various messaging platforms including Facebook, Twilio, Kik and Slack. It also offers the SDK environment for bot developers to enhance their programming skills and build a category of chatbots for iOS and Android Platforms.

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3. Google Cloud Dialogflow

Dialogflow is one of the latest and most sought after chatbot development platforms that permits manufacturing robust, reliable chatbots and voice applications precisely. It has helped to build over 400M Smart Bots, vastly compatible across the various Google Assistant devices. Google Cloud Dialogflow has the capability to decipher intrigue text and audio inputs from multiple users through fast forward voice recording methods.

The versatility of using Dialogflow happens to be eventually in accepting nearly 20 languages for natural language processing and interpreting user conversations lucidly. This presents a congenial environment for developers to easy train the AI bots intrinsically and adeptly together to understand human conversations clearly. It can be integrated to messenger apps like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and Line Kik.

4. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson is a renowned chatbot platform that can help you develop live bot assistants for multiple devices and applications. In specific, IBM Watson is best recommended for developing voice-powered Android Chatbots especially, for the retail and banking industry. This should enable the eCommerce and banking sector to provide customer support services that’s made available with the most anticipated contents based on machine learning techniques.

The Watson GUI Chatbot support nearly 13 different languages with vast capability to automate predictive analytics and improve AI chat conversation processing mutuallyIt is practically available for integrations to Facebook, Slack Messenger, Intercom and WordPress websites.

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It is a free, open-source framework for chatbot developments which have vastly attracted over 200, 000 developers across the globe. offers a repository of tools and features to develop smart conversational bots that are empowered to understand all sorts of human interactions proprietarily. It supports the mode of SDK chatbot developments utilizing Node.js, Ruby and Python together with 80+ more languages. Due to its highest efficiency on natural language processing capabilities, is also considered, amongst to be the easiest to integrate with Facebook, Slack Messenger and wearable devices.

6. Botpress

Botpress can be thought to be similar like how WordPress operates while developing websites but however, botpress has the best of abilities to design UI perfectly for ChatBots. When using Flow Builder and Dialog Manager that accompany by botpress, you also get a controlled access to handle most of the innovative features present within the rich chatbot frameworks, all exclusively. It should naturally aid in developing both the robust chatbot application and debug conversational flows more intuitively. Botpress can be further customized to integrate every third-party APIs within Platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Twilio, Slack, Skype, WeChat and Web. It can be easily deployed over the web.

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7. Rasa Stack

Rasa Stack is an Open-Source Development Framework mostly suitable for the contextual-based chatbot developments present with the technology niche to fast respond and execute conversations proficiently. It has two main components that is termed as Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. They can be used for natural language processing and conversational chatting methods respectively. Rasa Core is good at exchanging eloquent dialogues with the help of using machine learning techniques. In general, it is being used wisely across the sports, banking, healthcare and recruitment sectors. The huge advantage Rasa Stack provides to developers is to keep a track on the contextual dialogues along with its intent to develop custom models, again and again frequently. It supports the basic integration of AI bots to Rocket, Slack and Twilio.

8. ChatterBot

ChatterBot is a technology framework for developing and personalizing chatbot applications according to any given language through continuous work progression. The programming codes are written in Node.js and most often results in creating a library over the python framework. Basically, these conversation bots are built to holistic learning experiences and so are initially slow at responding to any human queries but however, over time it self-improvises to generate accurate responses at a much faster rate. ChatterBot can be fully optimized to be developed into a great chatbot application through sheer adaptation of human conversations and continuous learning.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, these are the most popular ChatBot Development Frameworks which users and enterprises mostly prefer for its efficiency and powerfulness on application within the business. All the chatbot applications mentioned here are simply the most proprietary solutions that needs a bit of experimentation to discover their propensity to utilize and implement them across Digital Transformation Companies and IT Consulting Companies accordingly. In the end, utilizing chatbots for business should help you easy manage the daily routines and conserve on efforts and time while continue to offer customer care relentlessly.

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