Coronavirus Scare gives mhealth an opening to Redefine Healthcare

Coronavirus Scare gives mhealth an opening to Redefine Healthcare

There is always a dire need to have mind health care among people and the absence in identifying hospitals, health systems and doctors have simply resulted in large no of patients going for mhealth care and getting treated appropriately. With the presence of corona virus government has already waiver the cost expenses on Telehealth services  keeping in mind to handle COVID 19 threats and also connecting every healthcare programs. Most of us can perceive this to be an aggressive step taken towards combating against flu seasons. However for the Healthcare Industry it is dealing the corona virus threat to its advantage by initiating numerous telehealth services through mhealth apps.

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Utilize Paragon to avert corona scare and improve health

The Corona Virus disease is rather new and we do not know about its side effects until we examine patients in person. Generally it has resulted in many number of COVID 19 patients dying with raising uncertainty looming over general public and patients. With all these unexpected challenges Paragon Telehealth is working through Mobile platforms to make the environment hazard free for people living in India. Paragon can be used by both doctors and patients to schedule an appointment either at the medical centre or in homes and make healthcare consultations seem effortless. The patients will no more be in any dilemma whether to visit a hospital or practising the medication routines provided by Telehealth.

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Unique Corona Virus challenges that Paragon answers

Corona Virus is normally an airborne disease that gets viral transmitted like influenza and its diagnostics requisites the tedious process of risk stratifications. Especially it needs studying the virus exposure on COVID 19 patients and test them based on referrals or else recommend patients to visit hospital care. Initially this was really challenging for Paragon Telehealth to offer standard treatments for person-to-person living in a community and then reduce the Corona Virus Scare. We were also able to infer that corona virus cannot be quarantined on a clinical basis without conducting test on individuals. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is also urging telehealth to categorize the inpatients according to corona like illness and advise only the adverse patients to get admitted for hospital care treatments.

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Henceforth, Paragon Telehealth came up with right healthcare treatments by commensurate acuity of the COVID patients and then made referrals on demand. It has resulted in migration of many patients to Telehealth and then alleviated the fear of corona virus tremendously.

Paragon redefining mHealthcare

Basically the Paragon Telehealth is capable of serving patients with scheduling their appointments to a doctor or physician over a smartphone or tablet. It can be used intelligently to bring the healthcare settings right to your home and then undergo medication continuously eliminating the extra cost spent on other healthcare staffs. Paragon provides the video and text chat facility for their patients and empower them to attend therapy and also for ongoing consultations quite effectively.

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All the Corona infected Patients can now quickly complete their screening process and then learn about the disease that they are infected with and then accordingly get it treated immediately. It is now easy to integrate symptom trackers to mHealth and then serve corona patients befittingly. In addition, every corona infected patient’s data can be collated and then built into a database for any future references while diagnosing people.


Certainly with corona virus becoming prevalent the Telehealth can also extend their service and help doctors and patients to build an immunity system against COVID 19 and prevent any further spreading. During such pandemic disease outbreaks it is often practical among patients to opt for the Telehealth services and then secure protection at the earliest. This will confide in a lot of faith to corona like diseased patients and then enable them to go for the right treatments. Paragon is a mHealthcare app that can connect patients to doctors and then make way for on the go access to medical treatments. Paragon is available over the clouds for the convenience of patients to archive their drug prescriptions and retrieving them at their disposal for future healthcare.

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