How Is COVID-19 Advancing The Education Industry’s Tech Disruption?

How Is COVID-19 Advancing The Education Industry’s Tech Disruption?

Although the pandemic hasn’t been an easy affair for most people, the education industry has witnessed quite the contrary. While sales for other businesses are consistently declining, the education industry is seeing exponential growth. So how is this pandemic affecting the education industry so favorably? Is there anything you should know? 

For starters, e-learning has been a flexible resort for most people. Both students and teachers who cannot attend the school campus due to the unfavorable covid conditions are falling back on e-learning sessions with one another. Moreover, since the remote learning experience is easy to access, operate and generate results, it acts as a consistent boon for everyone. 

Let us know more about the advanced technologies in the education industry that level up their game even during this challenging hour. 

  • Easy Accessibility

Recent sources suggest that the worldwide e-learning market will be worth $325Billion in 2025. So naturally, the e-learning fever is consistently growing and will continue to do so in the coming years. But why is that happening? One of the most prominent reasons for that is the ease of accessibility that it has to offer. As people continue to use the e-learning services from home, they feel a persistent convenience. This type of flexibility was unavailable for them during their physical learning sessions, where they had to travel miles to attend classes. So as a result, people can be anywhere and still attend classes at any time without any hindrance. 

  • Instant Doubt Solving 

E-learning sessions provide a more usable space for teachers and students to connect and solve problems in no time. During the sessions, the student can easily ask questions and resolve doubts with their teacher in no time. That is why they do not have to wait for anything. If the teacher cannot answer the question, they can even surf google and instantly resolve their query. This doesn’t allow them to hamper their learning process at all. Generally, any education app development company designs e-learning apps today to enable the user to solve their problems without any inconvenience. 

  • A Personalised Approach 

Every learner is different from the other. They may require additional learning techniques, skill sets, and explanations altogether. Although the physical educational system lacks this type of tailored approach, e-learning is rich in that. With e-learning, learners can choose their educational courses and other academic sessions on their own without any interruption. So, they can learn and grow at their own pace without any external disturbance. Since the student is allowed to learn and grow independently, the personalized approach of learning enables them to be more responsible. 

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  • Improves Retention Power 

Physical education may seem to be long-lasting, but it fails to maintain the retention power of students. Since modern students require modern learning methods, theoretical learning no longer serves them ideally. The long-drawn pages filled with unappealing content can instantly bore them. This, in turn, affects their educational productivity level. But with the attractive visuals, videos, photos, and byte-sized content that e-learning enables students to improve their retention power in no time. That is one of the main reasons why it is said that e-learning improves retention from up to 25% to 60%. 

  • Saves Time, Energy And Money 

E-learning is an easy escape for all the right reasons. Not only does it save time that we used to spend on traveling from one mile to another, but it also saves money that we spent on the same. As a result, it also saves up on the energy that would be otherwise drained in traveling and waiting between one period to another. That is why it proves to be such a boon for both students and teachers. Also, it helps to impart more knowledge without wasting any time at all. 

  • Environment-Friendly 

Unlike physical, educational experience where using papers proved detrimental to the environment, e-learning is highly eco-friendly. Since there is no wastage of writing, traveling, or any resource, it provides an effective means to engage in learning without causing harm to the environment around us. Since it is the need of the hour today, more people are making the big shift to e-learning without a second thought. This also benefits the students greatly and helps the teachers teach them about the importance of this. That is why any education application development company is on the high rise. 

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  • An Interactive Approach 

Generally, it was difficult for the teachers to provide undivided attention to each student in a classroom. Since everyone sits in unity, it may make it difficult for the teacher to make sure everyone gets equal attention. However, e-learning provides a more interactive approach by helping teachers to cater to each student without any inconvenience. They can easily mute the other students and make room for everyone one by one. That is how it can result in massively interactive sessions without any compromise. 

  • Increased Discipline 

Physical learning sessions can get exceedingly busy for the teachers. That can make them pay less attention to notorious students who do not pay attention in the class. The scope for eating between classes, using cell phones, and other things are also exceptionally high. But e-learning is very intimate. So, it makes sure that there is little room for such undisciplined activities in between classes. Since the teacher consistently views the student from the camera, the student is more vigilant than ever. 


Advanced technologies in the education industry are not going to end any soon. They will continue to grow and help the education industry make the most of its eCommerce space. Thus, one can expect the education system to improve drastically and undergo a massive digital transformation in no time. Gradually, this is going to happen on a global scale. So, we can be sure that this is not just for the pandemic. It is bound to last long. 

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