Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in 2020 to keep an eye on!

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in 2020 to keep an eye on!

Typically, the trends in Digital Transformation is a naive thing in 2020 that would hover high or at lows literally adopting to Technology Gadgets. It is one of the common trendsetters in the year 2020 and companies may have to wholly depend on the true customer experiences for surviving to this massive technological advancements. The most applauded once in the digital transformations are Cloud, Chat Bot, Block Chain and IoT Services. Basically, all the companies have to become technology adept and highly innovative for proving themselves even under fierce competition to outperform.

We have done research in the present day of Digital Transformation trends and have chosen a few in the technology lists that would remain forever reliably.

5G Mobile Technologies
In 2020, we can get 5G mobile transformation and some of the participating companies are Qualcomm, Verizon, AT&T, Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia. Currently, 5G Technology will be of immense help in the development of a Smart City, Smart Vehicle and Smart Manufacturing that essentially requires processing of real time data sensors and IoT Connectivity. In the coming years, it is not only the 5G wireless that would be available but also Wi-Fi 6 Networks, both combining to form the Next Gen of Wi-Fi Connectivity. It would be a decision to select either one of the comfort zone between faster connectivity, data processing versus remote setup of IoT devices.

Data Analytics
The companies that are not willing to invest now on data analytics then perhaps in the 2021 year their survival in the market may become troublesome. Moreover, if companies can’t handle the data collection and processing during their journey towards digital transformation then it may soon result in the need of Modern Analytics Tools for understanding customer’s insights. This digital transformation can be seen in prominent companies like Salesforce acquiring Tableau and Microsoft powered by Dynamics 365 Analytics.

Especially in some of the major Tech Companies things will become inevitable and requiring analytics capabilities for real-time data processing, and it is not uncommon for the other industries to make this digital transformation. The most commonly utilised data analytics tools are Alteryx, SAS, Splunk, Qlik and Tibco etc.

AI and Machine Learning Techniques
For instance, if 5G is considered to be of no value then data is any good either. They are considered to be the forced multipliers in analytics and it is the turn of AI and Machine Learning that is going to churn a complex level of sophisticated data and information in 2020. Data Processing will see a bottom line in Digital Transformation Companies whenever AI and Machine Learning is forced while achieving the digital transformation.

Digital Privacy and Transparency
In the recent past, failures have caused a lot of trouble to many technological companies and at the same time the score of for privacy and transparency is now a greater relief. This is governed by EU’s Data Protection and U.S. regulation to impose controls over Tech based Companies and then engage them to pay heed towards privacy and security issues. Companies can develop brands and build differentiators for their users to access the product at ease and in agreement, with the category of personal information stored. Now companies like Amazon and Facebook have to reconsider their data processing before the digital transformation taking place in 2020. This digital privacy is stringently adopted by legacy companies like Dell, IBM, Cisco and HPE, that being said, therein no way that limits other enterprises to create resilient structures around data security and privacy.

Block Chain beyond Crypto
Block Chain Technology will be having more number of meaningful use cases and not restricting to only Cryptocurrency. In 2019, it was Block Chain that created the great hype which got democratized through Amazon Web Services, however lacked in good responses. Now together with AWS, IBM, Alibaba, Samsung and Microsoft are preparing to offer block chain as a service powered by real use cases, that is vastly compatible for mobile technologies. Block Chain is expected to work beyond the limits of cryptocurrency and then ensures to the level of benchmarking like Intellectual Property, Royalties etc.

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XaaS is Everything as a Service that will soon become a demanding technology for the hardware driven industry in 2020. With the ever changing Work Flexibility available right from onsite, offsite, cloud and hybrid it is now time for the attention of big IT moving on-premises as a service. It should accommodate big data, analytics, block chain and many more in 2020 for the benefits of technology companies to avail the services of their choice.

RPA Craze
Robotic Process Automation is the easiest form of representing AI that will once again regain its popularity in the realms of digital transformation in 2020. The proliferation of RPA Craze thus leads us to the pathway in building trustworthiness and investments. Cisco is making a good use of RPA Technology through upskilling their employees at a low cost infrastructure.

Conversational AI
The complexity factor is always high whenever chat messengers are evaluated for voice to text script methods. However in 2020, you will see more of Conversational AI that can respond to lengthy talks and also through commands. It can learn the user conversation together with the emotion and then respond accordingly to the served message.

ACPC Heats Up
Laptops are always kept connected in our lives and this places the need for interconnecting PC’s for sharing files and projects at any time. ACPC digital transformation technology allows laptop user to stay connected for the entire day or even for a multiple no of days thus ensuring to the portability of laptops. In 2020, there should be generic presence of embedded 5G and LTE networks that can aid in the big expansion of ACPC connectivity. There might further be companies like Lenovo and Qualcomm engaging in smart ACPC business partnership suits.

Driverless Cars, Drones and Smart Cities
It is not unbelievable for cars to operate driverless any more with the power of edge computing and evolution of the 5G Technology. Tesla is one of the car manufacturing company that is seriously into developing AI based driverless cars through blending automotive and 5G Technologies. Amazon is making a big stride by getting the Drone Services for its domestic delivery of products to their customers. All these digital transformation and lot more will work for good in the development of Mobility for the everyday commuters travelling in Smart City.

It is however the foundational technologies that is going to evolve in the coming years and certainly in a way these ten digital transformations initiatives are definitely a part of any digitization process. Moreover, some of the digital transformations in 2020 have been stalled in the past especially for their sprint fast performances and intuitive features.

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