Full Stack Vs Mean Stack Vs MERN Stack: Decoding The Right Stack For Your Business

Full Stack Vs Mean Stack Vs MERN Stack: Decoding The Right Stack For Your Business

With the dominance of web application growth during recent years, there has been a lot of discussion of picking the correct “STACK” for the custom software development requirements. The stack can be defined as a mixture of technologies and programming languages.  

On the other hand, there are Two types of stacks:

  • Application stacks 
  • Technology stacks

In simple words, the technology stacks stand out cross-disciplinary approaches within software development.  Mobile app development firms are expanding their arsenal to reach a better audience.

This particular article will keep its focus on the three main technology stacks, their qualities, and their practicability, which makes them suitable for your business.  

Ways To Choose The Right Stack:

Since Agile development is currently on the rise, it has become crucial to select the right technological infrastructure, which will help in maximizing your business’s ROI. Agile development is a recent craze & proven to be a more reliable software development model. As a top IT consultancy company in Chennai, our dedicated software developers who’re well known for agile technology & help you to streamline the software products, and go-to-market faster! 

So, when it comes to choosing the appropriate stack, here are things you should consider: 

  • The total development cost, which can be borne.
  • Obtain all the project requirements. 
  • Incorporating agility 
  • The need to outperform all the project needs for the audience 
  • The scalability and flexibility of the development team  

Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: Full Description

Here, within this section, you will gain deep insights and knowledge about the three popular technology stacks. Let’s dig in!


Under the full-stack development, you will encounter four critical software solutions, which are:

  • Mobile application
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Testing

The full-stack developers are skilled within numerous streams, which helps in creating the entire web development domain. In the past, developers used to keep their concentration on 1 or 2 out of the 4 streams mentioned in the section.  

But in these modern times, the demand within the industry has raised plenty of expectations, and many developers have gained expertise in testing, backend, frontend, and mobile apps.  Many full-stack development companies are constantly adopting new technologies as the competition is fierce!

 Since the demand for full-stack developers is pretty high, experts have provided evidence that by 2024, the jobs for full-stack development will increase from 135,000 to 853,000

Full-Stack Development considers: 

  • Frontend Technologies: HTML, TypeScript, CSS, Angular React, Ajax and JavaScript.  
  • Backend Technologies: Middleware, Python, NodeJS, Caching, PHP, Django, GO, and Express JS. 
  • DevOps: CD/CI pipelines and SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle creation
  • Database: Clusters, Postgres, SQLite, MySQL, and MongoDB.
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android.

Benefits Of Full-Stack Development:

Website Development Concept. Web Developers Characters Creating App Design. Man and Woman Working Together on Computer. Vector illustration Given below are some valuable benefits that you should check out for full-stack development. Take a look!

  • Developers will get the opportunity to switch between backend and frontend development roles based on the project needs. 
  • They are highly beneficial for all medium and small businesses. It’s because they aid compartmentalized web development.
  • They take care of the whole design structure during the time of development. 
  • Full-stack development has the power to engender comprehensive solutions by going within the root of the issue and resolving them across the whole stack.  

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Out of all the three stacks, the MEAN stack is the most popular. The stack stands out as a collection of JS-based technologies, which gets utilized for website development and web applications.  In simple words, the MEAN stack stands out as a full-stack JS framework, and it helps all the MEAN stack developers to speed up the application and website development efficiently.  

MEAN stack carries an excellent reputation within the industry. There are many companies out there that are providing MEAN development solutions and services to all their interested customers. Also, the demand for MEAN stack developers has increased significantly within the past few years. 

Developers under the MEAN stack development category benefit significantly from a diverse range of compatible plugins and tools. It enables the developers to optimize the time for the system administration-related work. On the other hand, the developers will also leverage this stack by ensuring the rapid deployment of websites, web apps, and even APIs. It will also enable them to resolve all the complicated development challenges. 

Components Of MEAN Stack :

The MEAN stack has many elements or components, which you should know about. These are

  • Angular: A frontend web framework used for running the JS code with an individual’s browser.
  • MongoDB: A document-based NoSQL database ideal for backend applications to store data in JSON files. 
  • Node. JS: A JS runtime setting for implementing the backend application within JS.
  • Express. JS: This is a backend web application that runs on the above Node. JS.

Benefits Of MEAN Stack :

You will come across many benefits of this well-known and famous technology stack. But some of the essential ones are mentioned below. Please check them out! 

  • The MEAN stack development solution covers the whole spectrum of web development, right from the frontend to the backend. 
  • It’s easier for the developers to create apps on this particular stack because it lessens the routine and monotonous tasks. 
  • It receives massive community support for this open-source project.
  • MEAN stack development carries a set of in-built testing tools.  

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 In 2020, MERN stack development became the most popular technology stack of all time. It’s an open-source and free JavaScript software, which gets used for creating dynamic web applications and websites.  

This particular stack allows developers the opportunity to conduct a smooth development process, and the chances of any errors taking place will be lower than you think.  The jobs for this particular stack are in high demand, and many developers have claimed that the stack is pretty easy to use. 

Components Of MERN Stack: 

MERN stands out as the acronym for MongoDB, Express JS React JS, and Node JS. Let’s learn about these components in detail. Look below!

  • MongoDB: Utilized in the form of a document-based NoSQL database.
  • Express JS: It’s a web framework for Node. JS.
  • React JS: A JS frontend library for UI development.
  • Node JS: A JavaScript runtime-created on the JavaScript engine of Chrome V8. 

Benefits of MERN Stack :

You will find many benefits of the MERN stack development, and here are some of them. They are:

  •  It has excellent open-source community support.
  • It has an extensive set of tools.
  • It provides support for the MVC architecture.

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 There is no silver bullet within the realm of web development, and picking the right stack requires an excellent understanding. For instance, the demand for web application development companies are skyrocketing as they cost less yet provide impeccable functionality. Make sure to look at the cost and requirements of your project and then think of selecting the right stack for it.

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