Simple Guide on how to construct a Mobile App with accurate icons for a successful business

Simple Guide on how to construct a Mobile App with accurate icons for a successful business

Generally, every business wishes to motivate its users to download their app by simply offering them resilient app development, description and app promotion on various strategies that sums up to the huge success of the application. In this process, design a most appealing App Icon should be given a high priority that makes them clearly visible and easy noticeable. When considering some of the popular applications and their tremendous successes it is evident and widely clear that their development process with Software Development Companies is highly intellectual with app developers paying attention to infinitesimal details on every aspect of app icon designing.

These eye-catching App Icon can play a key role in the success of your application while entice a few other people to try accessing it at freewill. The consistency in the design of mobile app icons provide business users the core concept of dealing with business. It creates the first impression which is a default user experience and achieves transparent visibility within the overcrowded app stores.

We, one of the finest Mobile App Development Companies have given below a list of useful hints with adequate mobile app tips to help design remarkable icons for your business and reap huge success.

1. Select a unique shape for the app icon to keep it Intrinsic

Normally, the app icon designs have to be made bold for gaining recognition among the many business competitors. It also necessitates a unique shape for the app icon providing the visible-ness. In addition, the app icon has to be designed pretty simple to portray the business theme for the mobile user in just one look. These Mobile App Tips can help any business to construct accurate icons for both Android and iOS Applications and then induce the end user to download it without hesitations.

2.Prohibit the use of Image in App Icon and design it absolutely Symbolic

It is good to prohibit the use of an image in App Icon since it can result in damaging the credibility of your mobile app development company thus, creating the bad impression for your application. Typically, images that are imprinted on mobile applications mandates for voluminous sharing of information to the user instead of the core business concept. When planning to include symbols in the app icon then there are a numerous quantity of vector images and symbols readily available in the market.

3. Brand Name in the App Icon if text is featured

The generic App Icon size is virtually small that even when choosing the maximum permissible size affixing a detailed text on top of the app icon becomes nearly impossible. This makes it really difficult for the user to get an idea or be it reading out the brand name to get a clue on the selected app for downloads. Therefore, it is always good to make use of moderate text on the icon to ensure that the mobile app development process gets audaciously bold and recognizable.

4. Apply minimum colours in the App Icon with vibrant hues

Usually, the feat of getting the colour combination right is a tedious task whenever application icon needs to be constructed. When using more than 4 to 5 colours the app icon turns shamble and unattractive and so, it is advisable not to use a lot of colours. Essentially, the colour of the application icon should be lot vibrant and intriguing to the user. In every instance, try to make a perceivable difference from the other icons that share the same colour especially, amongst the apps that are present in same category.

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5. Instead of being verbose use a single letter on the App Icon

If more text is added to the app icon then its basic appearance doesn’t look any good and also fails in its due purpose. This reason is also applicable for words present in the app icon that literally takes away all the effective impressions from its users. Occasionally, it is optimum to use a single alphabet and then increase the popularity of your app icon exponentially.

6. Add the layout border to App Icon to make it look friendly

On frequent terms, adding a simple layout border to the App icon can make it more visible and attractive for the user to give a valiant try. It can definitely help you highlight the actual content of your app icon merely by enhancing the friendly aspects of the layout border including colour, design, letter etc. It is acceptable nowadays to make use of a 3D border for constructing app icon but it is lot convenient and better to go for the simple ones.

7. Integrate new ideas with enhancements

At first, even before creating the app icon it is imperative to refer to the competitor’s app icons and then find for all the miniscule differences to leverage on app icon popularity. It is worthwhile to spend time on analysing and only infer to those good icons from the ugly ones. While indulging in this process you also get the exposure to understand the formulation behind constructing your app icon and forbid unnecessary steps present in this process.

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8. Create a Prototype First

Once you have learnt all the ideas pertaining to the creation of app icons then it should be appropriate to draw a prototype sketched on a piece of paper. This can build the motive and then incite your designer with multiple prototype diagrams presented on app icons to make up for the final decision.

9. Run the A/B Test to finalize App Icon

Normally, the app icon that you happen to pick is surely going to define the brand identity for all marketing and promotion purposes. This necessitate conducting the A/B Test on your application icon and observe for its high engaging modes. You can be sure about the app development tips that every app icon largely contributes to the best graphical results further, leading to more no of downloads for your application.

10. Select the compliant App Icon that meets size guideline

At last, when you have a visually analysed and finalized app icon over the phone screen then momentarily, just before the creation of App Icon make sure to check for its size that meets the guidelines. It should be owing a considerable portion of the screen with lucid visibility for the user’s eyes to discern.


The App Icon is fast becoming one of the trusted symbol of a business to reflect on its credibility and attract users to make their investments at once. On every occasion a well-crafted application icon can steer the motivation among the mobile user and induce them into delving into your business app. In addition, you can design a splash screen for the app icon’s UI aspects and better the user engagement resolutely. Henceforth, construct a mobile application icon would requisite for a user-friendly and flawless interface that can keep your business to stay ahead in the competition. As one of the leading Digital Transformation Companies we are here to make your dream come true!

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