How AI Technology helping Businesses to Survive and Succeed even in this Pandemic Situation?

How AI Technology helping Businesses to Survive and Succeed even in this Pandemic Situation?

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The most threatening of virus spread is COVID-19 and its pandemic nature is severely affecting the human races like it did when SARS, H1N1 and Ebola occurred and prevailed epidemic. For the good AI Innovations can be utilized at these times of pandemic outbreak to save people potentially from the unexpected transmissions of coronavirus. Essentially the AI Technology can help educate, warn and empower people to become more knowledgeable about the intensity of corona spread and reduce the impact significantly.

Currently, you have a lot of converging technologies like cloud, mobile, analytics, robotics, AI/ML and high-speed internet for tackling all sorts of pandemic responses quite effectively thus making the overall survival of your business far too easy. We frequently conduct researches on selected few technologies and have chosen the seven best scenarios where AI Innovation plays a vital role in mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic situation. And they are:

1. Controlling Misinformation

Often it is the level of misinformation that really causes the panic and anxiety among people especially the once with respect to number of quarantines, treatments, vaccines and government policies. It results to hoarding of items, price fluctuations and conspiracy among the surviving population. Artificial Intelligence for business can be applied in these situations to drive away pandemic quite effectively since the technology itself is much faster than any manual searches. AI tools like Google and Facebook are helping to fight against misinformation through real-time streaming WHO precautions and Government orders. Herein you can manage the artificial intelligence for business at a high level of transparency and guide those other compatriots to follow it up without fail.

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2. Finding Drugs

In the early part of any pandemic virus transmission there requires a curative drug eventually for raising up the preventive measures too. In the existence of coronavirus a lot of healthcare personal across the world are prioritising themselves to find a preventive drug and slow down the spread of virus. There are many AI tools and shared data sets that can offer multitude ways of understanding the coronavirus structure and expedite the process of discovering a vaccine. No sooner finding a drug for the pandemic will become a crude reality with easy deploy ability of AI technologies in the pharmaceutical industries.

3. Increasing Traceability and sharing data for businesses to survive

While the pandemic is on an alert status things have become critically important to intimate the large scales of populations on taking adequate precautions. Some of the AI technologies and machine learning techniques are providing improved visibility during this massive outbreak and keeping up business proactively. The Bing browser has jolted down the elaborate presence of various hotspots in the COVID-19 map and creating the awareness of infectious disease among the people in a quick time. With plenty of AI tools readily available the government may also choose one of the AI tool to send push notification messages to all those people doing business in the quarantine zones and ensure to their safety. The tech giants operating the mobile sectors can also use the caller ring tones to educate the spread of coronavirus and mitigate the pandemic effectively.

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4. Big Data & AI to fight against Coronavirus

Artificial Intelligence is used primitively in healthcare to evaluate the risk assessment and its forecasting more clearly. The latest introduction to Data Analytics should provide surgeons a deeper insight into the pandemic disease spread, medication and treatments. It will also enable doctors and medical practitioners to understand the multi-folds of coronavirus infections. By making use of AI Platforms the healthcare industry will greatly acquire the inherent cause of the spread of coronavirus and address to the pandemic more responsively. You get quite a number of AI based risk assessment tools built by AI Mobile App Development companies to provide a much more level of clarity and insight for your business. Normally using the AI tools in healthcare helps determine a patient’s need for undergoing test even if he has early symptoms of common cold, flu and cough.

Primordially, it is the AI based risk assessment tool that helps screen a large no of population and infers the accurate changes in temperature within individual’s while they survive this pandemic situation. The significant uses of these tools can be best levied in places like markets, train stations, hospitals and airports. It will allow doctors to quickly quarantine the infectious people and then classify them from a larger section of population.

5. Drones for Contact-less delivery

AI Technology can be used for maintaining social distancing with the help of autonomous cars, drones and robots and intelligently perform the parcel deliveries. In the case of drones transporting medicine, food is made effortless while for robots it can be effectually utilized for delivering grocery, hospital utilities and patrolling the floors & streets. There is also unmanned vehicles for hospital care to securely transport the quarantine patients without affecting the rest of the populations. All these AI Innovations will soon become a reality and a much practised over trends habitually among people in order to keep their business going.

6. AI-based temperature monitoring

You can get wireless thermometer guns to check the transmission of COVID-19 pandemic without expending a great effort in places such as office, shops, airports, train stations, hotels etc. It helps in accurately measuring the body temperature of a human over a wireless channel and detect the infected patients quickly. The vast success rate of these thermal guns are mainly due to their ability to automated monitoring and facial recognition qualities.

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7. AI Technologies to support business transitions

Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in the times of coronavirus for businesses to secure continuity right at their home utilizing the workspace convenience. It will also ensure social distancing with access to latest technologies and tools for conducting virtual meetings and conferences without causing delays in work deliverables. It will define the pathways of employees accessing to the IT Systems and then enable businesses to run enterprise applications.


In this adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic a volumes of business are working towards their mean survival with the effective use of Artificial Intelligence. It has also instigated a lot of AI Mobile app development companies to become well prepared for the next pandemic with some of the already existing Digital Innovation for COVID-19. Certainly the growth of AI Technology is inevitable among human institutions and the sole responsibility of any society has to collate them and build resilient healthcare systems for answering to eventualities in a systemic and clam manner.

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