How Development companies and Developers can be more Profitable?

How Development companies and Developers can be more Profitable?

Mobile app projects & increasing scope beyond 2020Mobile app development is one of the rapidly expanding sides of the sphere called the IT industry. 360° Digital Transformation directly benefits better customer engagement and possibilities of greater sales growth because of M-commerce. All this factors are creating a genuinely lucrative proposition for mobile app development companies and standalone developers to get more work opportunities and offer competitive pricing for world-class services.

Whenever business steps into the scenario, cost automatically turns out to be the crux of everything. With over 94% of projects overrunning the budget in the IT industry, mobile apps forms a large proportion and mobile app development companies need to take utmost care.

Here is how mobile app development companies and developers can be much more profitable.

Focus on reusability:

Reuse ability is not something very far below the standards of quality. It is a general concept of object-oriented programming which forms the base of all programming techniques and tactics. Reusability of code simply means concise, sensible and completely independent logics and functionalities are thus used from one app into the other by taking a well-tested code snippet. It has great benefits like pre-testing and reduces time material cost as it puts you ahead on your route map of functionality development for a certain project.

The best part is that, if certain parts are presented to you ready in the form of reusable code snippets, you might be able to maintain, modify the functionalities as per your present requirement; in a relatively lesser time material cost.

Always look for super specialists:
Whether you are leading a major mobile app development company or you are a stand-alone mobile app developer, it is always advisable to take one project at a given time. Once the project is given to you, you stand at the start line and consider yourself knowing nothing about the details. To help you build quickly with a mature approach, it is always advisable to dynamically hire specialist freelance developers, as a core part of the team who has prior experience in it. It will have direct benefits like:

  • Faster development
  • Mature approach
  • Quicker text Tech preparation
  • Validated development process
  • Seamless testing

Make proper use of project management tools:
It is common for any mobile app development project to be messy and developers to stray away from the pre-decided roadmap of functionality development. To avoid wastage of time material cost, you should make use of:

  • Gantt charts,
  • Project management tools like slack, trello
  • Common email threads
  • Excel sheet
  • Convenient common pool of communication like Skype groups

It might look overstated but found an integral reason if, by chance, then the project can complete on or before time. These tools might look to have a significant position in the background of your mobile app development scene but they are the essentials needed to streamline and complete a successful mobile app development project. Apart from on-time completion, they will help you find out problems and note them down during testing, keep a common track of the development process through a group chat. It comfortably includes all basic updates on directions and steps from the project manager through group communication.

Never overshadow feedback from the client:
Feedback is the most important entity in the mobile app development ecosystem maintained after the client and their expectations. It would be wise to take feedback as a reflection of your deliverables, in the mirror of client expectations.

More often than not, the mobile app development team is having their hands deep into the complex development process, ongoing tasks, and target requirements. It involuntarily makes the team end up missing on the feedback. It is extremely important to not forget the feedback and then incorporate all the expected changes as per the client’s expectations. Remember, there is only one governing entity in the whole ecosystem that is the client’s expectations. Religiously following the feedback, you will be able to:

  • Complete the project before time
  • Perform regression testing
  • Save on the allocated budget
  • Take up challenges
  • Be more innovative

Follow a precise agile methodology for development:

Mobile app development might look like a straight road that you may hit it with a set of tools and programming skills. However, it is different then what most people think. Agile Methodology means the capability of the IT project team to skillfully cater to fast changing requirements. It also involves optimum cost and the least possible time. Developers or a mobile app development company blindly look towards start developing functionalities and bind them into an app. It is going to take extra time for them to complete.

Instead, it is always advisable to follow a systematic development model like the waterfall model, spiral model, agile methodology or prototyping. It will lend you the convenience of planning out different sprints that will certainly require addressing the functionalities from the core.

Always take the bottom-up approach:
A bottom-up approach is highly beneficial when a developer or his team is supposed to plan and conceptualize functionalities with an innovative mind. Taking up certain data points, building logics, introducing data streams and then finally carving out functionalities that may be a part of the app, is an art driven by science. It should be done completely on the bottom-up approach. Logics should be targeted first, then completely isolated, independent functionality and that functionality should alone become a lucrative feature from the eye of a mobile app user.

All those features should make a logical, interconnected, highly productive app. Such a system that you are thinking of building, a mobile app generally pays in the long run because of its ability to let you plan accordingly and minimize the time material cost to a great extent.

Bottom line:
Building high-quality impactful mobile apps that are steering businesses nearest to their business agenda is gold dust. The mobile app market is constantly growing and there is no question of stagnancy in the requirement of developers or projects. They are kept floating in the IT industry. The new-age millennial founders and intellectuals who believe in ideation are constantly fueling up the mobile app industry with all that is required to throttle digital transformation. Furthermore, it is a complete digitization of businesses through e-commerce, m-commerce.

Every reputed Mobile App Development Company is making the best use of the industry boom. They are exhibiting their sheer technical prowess by incorporating great features like real-time location services; video integration and biometric data capabilities. New age mobile apps are expanding like a half-folded umbrella and it is going to be a huge market attraction to explode with several permutations and combinations of technologies to be tried and tested in the coming years.

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