How Grocery Delivery Apps are gaining Momentum during this COVID-19 crisis?

How Grocery Delivery Apps are gaining Momentum during this COVID-19 crisis?

The Novel CoronaVirus is disrupting the entire world regardless of the industries. This situation has to lead to imposing various schemes such as Curfew or Lockdown, and health measures such as Social Distancing, Hand Sanitizing, Wearing Masks, Gloves, etc. 

As most of the countries or states are under Lockdown, people still find trouble in purchasing daily items since they are open for a few hours in a day. As a result of this, there are a number of Grocery Mobile Applications that emerged to tackle this issue.                    

We, known as one among the top-notch IT Consulting Companies have discussed why these grocery delivery apps are important and how they are helpful in this Pandemic crisis.

What are the mandatory Features integrated into Traditional Grocery Application?

A Traditional Grocery Application is a one that satisfies the needs of customers by providing them the necessary items and things. There are numerous applications that are running currently. Some of them are specific ones that are for one desired purpose. It includes Food Applications, Cosmetics, Dresses, etc. On the other hand, there are applications that serve all these things altogether. Some of the examples include Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, etc. However, all these apps will consist of the following mandatory features:

1. Easy Registration & Login

A user can easily signup by providing their primary contact details such as Phone Number/Email Id along with a Name and set a new password. OTP is sent to the corresponding contact details for verification. Once done, the user can log in.

2. Grocery & Shop List Display

Users can view the list of shops and the groceries they serve. It also comes with information such as HD-Images, Price Info, Filters (Type of Product, Reviews & Ratings, Price Range, etc). In accordance with that, users can add products to the cart.

3. GPS Tracking

Users can keep track of items that are ordered and live the location of them. Additionally, they will also receive the contact details of the delivery person for the hassle-free delivery of goods.

4. Payment Gateway Integration

The Application comes with a fully-secure Payment Gateway integrated. Users can opt for either Cash on Delivery or go with Online mode of Payment. It includes Debit/Credit Card, Gpay/ Phonepay (in India), and even Cryptocurrencies.

5. Customized Cart

Users can customize the cart of their own wish. They can add one or more items of any genre and also remove them if not needed. Once added, users can checkout from the cart and select the desired mode of payment.

6. Discount Coupons

Users will get discount coupons and offer during their purchase. While checking out from the cart, users can apply these coupons for a reduction from the actual cart. Moreover, Membership people would enjoy additional offers such as Free Shipping, 24-hour delivery, etc.

7. Push Notifications

Users will receive customized notifications on the launch of new products from the favorite store, new offers and discounts, the launch of the new store, regarding the booked product (shipment details, delivery details, etc).

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Role of Grocery Delivery Applications in COVID-19

Major Countries like the U.S., India has seen a great increase in the number of downloads and retained users in this crisis. According to data from Attopia, it states that popular Grocery apps such as Instacart, Walmart, Instacart, etc have seen a lot of food inquiries. This happened in the month of March. 

Moreover, these apps have promised “Contactless” deliveries which have resulted in higher growth and thriving sales. People can thus make an online payment with encrypted mechanisms. These stats happened with the United States.

On the other hand, India has some E-Commerce Delivery apps such as Meesho, Paytm, Swiggy, Ubereats, Zomato, Big Basket, have coped up with the crisis. The Senior Vice president of Paytm Mall has stated that “Online grocery is still a vastly untapped segment and it is set to grow further.

1. Amazon has its new Competitors

Amazon is one of the top E-Commerce providers in the industry. With Pandemic, people are moving towards neoteric applications to get the desired products for their needs. However, the hype with Amazon hasn’t reduced yet. 

If you consider yet another Grocery Competitor Walmart has seen an all-time increase in the number of downloads during this pandemic. All the applications have come up with exclusive discounts and benefits. 

Added, apps make more by a feature called Membership. With this users can get multiple advantages such as FrAdditional gifts, etc. 

2. Higher Visibility than before

Previously when everything was normal, not everyone was relying upon online mode. But in the pandemic crisis, most of the customers have downloaded numerous new grocery applications in accordance with their needs. 

With numerous applications being launched every day, it is important to go with unique marketing strategies. There are special App Marketing strategies available that can be implemented to move the position of a mobile app to the 1st position in App Stores.

3.Generating greater benefits

In this pandemic, these applications are generating huge profits with million downloads over the months. E-Commerce giants such as Alibaba, Walmart, etc have invested in India considering the population of the country. 

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Previous Challenges which are coped up with Grocery Apps Delivery

Grocery is one of the essential things which cannot be ignored. Customers had faced different problems with Grocery Applications which are resolved in this Pandemic. Most of the Digital Transformation Companies have worked and working on it, here are those:

1. Tackling Supply Chain Management

In this crisis, the supply chain management is organized by considering neoteric technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, etc. They can now keep track of the location where it actually is. 

2. Tackling Delayed Deliveries

During this situation, there are higher chances that the delivery of products could take time. In this case, to handle the situation, one should employ limited and right employees who can deliver the products within the nearby location. 

3. Tackling Limited Manpower

In order to make the delivery of items instant and quick supply. However, there will only be a limited number of employees to manage this. For instance, Chatbots can be replaced for employees who are involved in Customer Support Services.

4. Tackling Changes in Customer Needs

Customers need changes from time to time. In particular, the needs change during this COVID. It includes daily items such as Groceries, etc. The industry has to cope up with these changes and offer solutions accordingly. 

What to expect for the future with Grocery Apps?

When it comes to the future of Grocery Applications, we can expect a great uprise in the coming days. A report from Grand View Research states that the global food and grocery market is expected to grow 5% CACR right from 2020 to 2027. 

This reveals that these apps can make huge profits in the future. Moreover, they would also resolve the current and future challenges by considering customer needs and working accordingly. New features would emerge which will be beneficial to customers.

Additionally, the latest trends and technologies will be taken into consideration while developing the Grocery Application to make it fully-featured. On the whole, Grocery App Development is going to boom without any doubts.

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To Close

Grocery Deliveries will still uprise in the upcoming days as lockdown isn’t lifted still. Hence, developing a grocery app can be a profitable business during the pandemic and post-pandemic. You should work on the pain-points of customers and come up with an intuitive application to stand out from the crowd.

As one of the superfine Software Development Companies, we, people, are here to help you with building a superfine and feature-packed application at a reasonable cost. Get in touch with us regarding consulting and to make this happen. 

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