Top JavaScript Trends To Look For In 2019

Top JavaScript Trends To Look For In 2019

There has been a continuous evolution in the web design space; several unprecedented changes take place frequently when it comes to technologies and design trends. To be able to fulfill the changing user requirements and preferences, it is imperative that old web technologies give way to newer frameworks and languages that prove to be developer friendly and enable developers to offer increased web functionality and overall improved user experience.  This calls for a deep understanding of what shape the front-end JavaScript Frameworks take in the near future.

Significance of Following JavaScript Web Design Trends
The digital world happens to be multilayered, wherein a range of technologies work in unison for offering great user experience. While websites and web pages have been marked as the primary tools that give almost any modern business a boost today, it is essential to analyze and gather insights about the things behind the curtain.

It is vital that global organizations and developers break down technologies and trends that are instrumental in empowering web development companies to keep pace with the changes, in tune with the times. JavaScript development changing rapidly, picking the top JS framework that transforms front-end web development and understanding the latest JavaScript Trends is of paramount importance.

Trending Front-end JavaScript Frameworks in the New Year
Web development witnesses constant changes; it undergoes improvement each year and this pattern is about to continue. The two major segments in web development are front-end (client side) development and back-end (server side) development. JavaScript frameworks form the leading technology or language of the client-side development.

Small businesses and start-ups need to take a look at the latest trends that emerge over a period of time on a regular basis in order to come up with colors in innovative projects.

 Top JavaScript Trends to Watch Out for in the Near Future
Change is constant in the JavaScript development front and in the current technological scenario, a variety of frameworks aim for surpassing competition on a regular basis. Regardless of the requirements and specific needs of a company, working with JavaScript involves watching out for the forthcoming trends as given below:

ReactJS Doesn’t Appear to Give up the Position as Leader: Almost for the past five years, ReactJS has been reigning the world of JavaScript frameworks. With big organizations such as PayPal, BBC, Flipboard and Netflix opting to use the potential of this framework and FaceBook offering support, ReactJS is still seen to rule the roost.

  • React enables painless creation of interactive UIs and facilitates designing simple views related to each state in applications. It helps update and render the right components efficiently when the data changes. These factors, along with the fact that it holds an established and popular position ensure that ReactJS remains at the top in the near future. It is supported by other frameworks or libraries and is found to be ideal for large web applications.

js Grows in Popularity: Although new, there is an overall growth in the popularity of the Vue.js framework in the recent times; it is being downloaded millions of times. It has received the most number of stars on GitHub among all JavaScript projects available, demonstrating the developers’ appreciation and their joy.

  • It is easy for programmers who are familiar with other JavaScript frameworks to get used to this framework because of its clarity and simplicity. The structure of Vue proves very intuitive for experienced developers as its components are the combination of JavaScript and html. The successes and mistakes of Angular and React being learnt and the unwanted parts being left behind, the Vue.js framework proves effective and quite useful. Being built with the possibility to integrate easily into big projects, this doesn’t create any issues to existing other frameworks during interface development.

js is a Major Element in the List of JavaScript Frameworks: One of the most popular frameworks amid back-end developers, Node.js in almost unbeatable when it comes to server-side programming now, and in the near future.

The Transformation from AngularJS to Angular 7: Even those who are new to JavaScript would know about Angular. This framework, developed by Google, is commonly used for developing single page applications. Google keeps coming up with newer versions every two months, ensuring that the product is continuously improved – this in turn ensures devoted following on a regular basis.

GraphQL is Still Worth Mentioning: Although depicted by a few as the future replacement for REST APIs, both have their own advantages and qualities. Being a query language that lets developers to make specific requests from server, this packages the requests in efficient and simple way too.

  • It is capable of integrating with React through Relay framework. It proves to be one of the important trends for JavaScript APIs and server requests. The salient feature is its capability to fetch only the data wanted. Increasingly more number of developers tend to make use of this in their projects.

The Major Predicted Web Design Trends – 2019

Voice User Interface: With myriad voice assistant apps and gadgets, users are increasingly getting adapted to the concept of issuing voice instructions. Voice user interfaces have been widely adopted in several user environments; websites are expected to follow suit. It is expected that in 2019, users will be able to start browsing, purchasing or searching for information, with voice user interface provided by the websites. The comfort of being able to achieve these without physical typing or clicking to issue commands will set a trend in 2019.

Personalized User Experience: In the quest for attracting increased number of visitors while achieving low bounce rates, improving user experience has become one crucial factor in the website design. It is essential that websites are found to be enjoyable to visit and interact. Users are required to be engaged and retained by providing top-notch, personalized user experience.

Chatbots: Chatbots, with their ability to work 24/7 and replace human agents, keep users engaged on websites. While being able to answer general questions, chatbots are helpful in saving time and money.

Minimalist Design: Websites have been found to adopt minimalism widely; this design type appeals to most of the modern site visitors. Making websites avoid appearing overloaded with color and content, minimalism combines with bold typography, allowing users to focus without distraction, on the text.

Looking into the right stats and choosing the trendiest JavaScript frameworks for their projects will enable programmers and App Development Companies to accomplish success. Analyzing the future JavaScript trends to select the top js framework is a good business idea to win clients.

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