Why there is a need for a sudden change in business via SaaS?

Why there is a need for a sudden change in business via SaaS?

Software as a Service is almost becoming the most popular choice among the cloud computing platforms particularly, across the many different businesses in the IT Market. One of Forrester Research study elucidates that the business vis SaaS is estimated to have an average market value growth of 56.2 % annually with forecasted trends expected to go till 2020 at a constant rate of 18.9% every year. Indeed, there is a need for unexpected changes to take place in the start-up scenario, fast adopting to Software as a Services and thereby, expanding market presence magnanimously. 

Typically, this sort of developing business via SaaS usually results in availing a plenty of advantages which can attract the entrepreneurs to make a buy of the software distribution model. In general, SaaS also does serve to quite a lot of companies that incline to switch from on-premise apps, due to vast number of benefits and feasible solutions secured.

All the observable trends of SaaS Model anonymously appeal to some of the  Data Analytics Companies to build new types of SaaS Products according to the beneficence of customers and some  IT Consulting companies respectively. 

Benefits to Customers

The customers involved in the business are also equally awarded with a lot of benefits. We have stated a few as follows:

  • Pay Per Use

When entrepreneurs make use of SaaS Application they are least likely confronted with a overhead cost nor obliged to purchase the whole product for their organization. In practise, when customers only need a piece of software as a service then they are eventually charged only according to the usage time span.

Most of the Digital Transformation Companies find it easy to cancel the subscription at random intervals and limit customers from accessing their software product at any given time. Essentially, almost every buyer’s risk is completely scaled down and reduced to minimum levels.

  • Scalability and Accessibility

The big disadvantage of handling the on-premise software is its limitation imposed on licensing to individual IT Organizations. Businesses prefer to go for the SaaS Platform to establish their work progress seamlessly over the distributed IT Systems without any noncompliance, appealed due to software licensing.

Furthermore, the Software as a Service Model helps your organization to gain on the mobility presence across multiple locations and scale up processes, effortlessly over the Internet connection.

  • Updates Compatibility

Whenever, you buy a licensed software for your organization and install it in the computer systems then it normally urges you to remember to perform the software updates promptly. This is not a concern for cloud software’s since, it can be updated at any time and deployed for your business by the SaaS Provider upon a minimum levied charge.

This way of automate SaaS updates do not necessarily mandate any download or installation of patches for your enterprise application and hence self develops the ability to work flawlessly.

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  • Mobile capabilities across multiple devices

Besides the advantage of SaaS scalability factors, also it offer start-up company the mobility access and convenience to its every employee at work especially, to perform the duties from remote office spaces. It should empower the chief technology officer to stay closely in communication with the teams together with the help of a software distribution model.

It can result to better work collaborations among the employees effectively through accessing to distinct devices wirelessly, and integrate multiple business processes over the clouds at great clarity.

  • Personalization and Customization

The SaaS Software can offer a predominant edge for all your patron customers and clients through personalization of business specific functions. Despite, the fixed subscription plan provided by most of the SaaS Providers they also get flexible at creating viable features and functions to the customer’s business more intuitively.

This results to the moderate pricing tag for your customizable software with a smoother progress of your business via SaaS outstandingly. Beyond these customizations most of the SaaS Providers give away businesses the virtual access to software APIs and enable them to integrate IT Systems resiliently.

Benefits of SaaS Model to Companies

In addition to Customers, Companies are also mutually benefited when they leverage SaaS model for their business. Here are a few of them:

  • Stability and Predictability

With many Start-ups adopting to software platforms they gain the intuition to exactly calculate the revenue streams depending on the subscription fee. This should allow entrepreneurs to precisely monitor the incoming invoices, client’s contract expiry and modification or change in subscription plans etc., momentarily.

Once your company gets stable and predictable then it can minimize every unforeseen risk of fluctuations in revenue and thereafter aid in developing the marketing strategy stubbornly.

  • No Piracy

If, a company wishes to buy a software over the clouds then normally there is no licensing cost simply because, this Software Distribution Model is directly delivered to the customer either as a pay for use or on subscription based accounts. The usage of SaaS Model is constrained to bandwidth limitation of data and so its permission based access is strictly restricted to one and only paid customers.

Moreover, the level of copyright piracy restriction in SaaS Model is pretty much high and can avert the risk of someone accessing your software from the list of managed business servers.

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  • Easier expansion to Global Sales

It is easy to distribute your Software as a Service Model to extending regions of the globe without any intervention of the reseller or software vendor to promote sales. The only effort being an entrepreneur you may have to do when marketing SaaS based Internet Products is to uninterruptedly enable the software’s access across the Internet Frameworks.

  • Service Delivery Automation

The main reason for companies to operate a Software as a Service Model can be simply for its automation capabilities which permits to every organization working 24/7 regularly and accomplishing their scheduled goals effectively on time. It can help your company serve continuously to a global audience and clients at a higher level of engagement and further induce them to establish contract subscription plans anytime from anywhere.


With Software as a Service, there is a lot of things a business can get that includes cost-effectiveness in product development, time commitment and resource management quite efficiently. If, it is implemented properly within a business the SaaS Model could firmly streamline organizations to focus well and increase productivity in quick time.

There will be an intense competition between the different SaaS based companies particularly, on adopting to the latest trends and offering customers the best of Software as a Service incessantly throughout 2021 year.

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