Top 5 Best Cloud Platforms for Enterprises

Top 5 Best Cloud Platforms for Enterprises

The demand for Cloud Computing Platforms within Enterprises is always prevalent and on the rise with different web servers and development platforms made viable on the Internet. Most of the Organization find cloud computing platforms to be a big relief particularly at storing and managing data’s efficiently without the burdens of handling a physical local server.

All these data migration procedures combine together with ingenious use of resource economy must surely incite a bulk major of businesses the urge to have a Public Cloud Environment built, for generating incessant revenues. The highly populous Cloud Platform market is giving a tough time for enterprises to select the best one Cloud computing company essentially, for addressing their digital transformation challenges.

Another significant role of operating a cloud-based business is that it is insurmountably difficult to skip enterprise access in the near future from the already existing cloud computing services. In this context, you actually can now run the enterprise business utilizing three types of cloud platforms and they are segregated into

  •  Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service. 

Therefore, we planned to make the task of a Chief Information Officer a bit more easy and resolute, simply by listing the 5 best Cloud Platforms mostly suitable for Enterprise Operations. 

1.Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services have nearly over a million customers registered and making use of the latest cloud tools for establishing their Cloud Computing Companies. It is ranked to be amongst the first leading cloud solution provider within a group of technology industry worldwide.

Basically, the Amazon IaaS Platform provides businesses with a highly customizable product and service over Amazon API Servers for achieving better customer engagement. These cloud tools have the ability to offer resilient control through the help of an AWS Console and Command Line Interface. 

The Amazon Products are highly preferred by a rising number of small scale businesses and large organizations primarily to grow their business, reduce IT Costs, and remain absolutely scalable. Almost, nearly 35% of the market share is owned by AWS Cloud Platform helping individuals, companies and governments realize Digital transformation companies at any time. Amazon Cloud Service includes plenty of developer tools, management tools, security, analytics, mobile services, and IoT Technology. 

2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the second most sought out digital service by businesses in the Cloud Computing Market and it offers a myriad of options for the many organizations to free access to all Microsoft Services. This includes IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Cloud Services that might be able to satiate every demand of business on building, managing, and deploying applications and services. 

Microsoft Azure Platform is available in private, public, and hybrid clouds with extensive support rendered on all operating systems, programming languages, and web frameworks. 

It has become the second-biggest cloud computing company with over 5000 applications deployed under a pay as you go or bring your license payment model. Microsoft Azure allows cloud computing businesses to make use of PHP,, and Node.js programming frameworks and build Web Applications that can be tested immediately for quick deployment.

For IT Companies, it can offer a complete package that assists in software development, management, and rise in security levels on cloud applications. 

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3. Google Cloud Platform

Google Platform has gained only moderate success in cloud computing despite its high efficiency in Internet Search Results. It ventured into the cloud computing environment by providing PaaS Platform and further extended its computing service to the IaaS and SaaS Platforms. This has influenced Google Company to provide the best cloud platform for enterprises at a much affordable cost label. 

Google Cloud Environment has built numerous products and services that can enable businesses to perform several activities like compute, storage database, Cloud AI, Big Data, Cloud Security, management tools, and network computing. The Google IaaS Platform is provided to startups and small scale industries to make use of it as an absolute substitute for virtual machine computing. The organizations can access to the Internet and any time utilize the Google App Engine together with requisite SDK’s to develop enterprises.

4. VMware

VMware Cloud Computing Services have a multitudinous variety of tools and components for helping tech leaders manage their organization by building standalone virtualization companies at enterprises. They happen to be one of the pioneers and leaders of building the Digital Transformation Companies for SME’s and Organizations. A few significant aspects of VMware Cloud-based products prevail in observing every business to maintain high efficiency at connecting, manage, and secure web applications together with IT Distributed Systems over multiple types of the cloud environment. 

The cloud computing powers of VMware built Enterprises get to revive modernize data centers, build IT Consulting Companies that include congenial Digital Workspaces. This might help companies to improve the level of cloud security and move ahead with virtualization management by adopting the virtual cloud network.

A few of the VMware Products and Services worth mentioning are Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware Container Service, and NSX Cloud. It will ease the task of businesses to integrate platform stack, scale hyper-converged storage, and maintain end to end security for fast performing Cloud Computing Processes. 

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5. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Environment provides every business with high-performance cloud computing services that accelerate digital transformation across processes. It can provide the multiple cloud environment initiating from SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS Platforms.

Primitively, the Oracle Platform has the analytic capabilities to help IT Consulting Companies deal with customer experience, human resource management, ERP, and supply chain management. The vast expansion of Oracle Platform lets multifarious cloud tools to be secured within enterprise applications and build, deploy, integrate, and manage IT Products and Services.

Oracle Cloud Environment is highly reliable for cloud computing and thus supports all open standards with open source solutions, numerous programming categories, databases, and frameworks. It has the innate qualities to accommodate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT Products for managing cloud computing services across IT Organizations. 


Essentially, these are the top 5 Cloud Computing providers that any Chief Information Officer would be inclined to go through the list and then select the one best cloud platform for Enterprises. All the five Cloud computing companies offer at the least one feasible cloud solution for Start-Ups and medium scale Industries to adopt and digital transform business.

Make sure that you inspect for the most convenient technology platform considering your office budget prior to buying the best cloud platform. In addition, all the above-listed cloud platforms offer three distinct types of cloud solutions for Tech Organizations to leverage anyone amongst the dedicated platforms to align business processes and achieve high productivity. 

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