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Way2Smile focuses on offering solutions in order to achieve sustainable development goals by leveraging digital transformation strategy by figuring out what our ecology and environment need the most and develop solutions accordingly.

Way2Smile's major motto is to provide solutions achieving sustainable development goals with our prior experience and the way we frame new strategies and implement them perfectly. As we have handled multiple projects on the same, it is easy for us to work on.

We also check with the current and future trends and develop solutions. Added, we also have a good knowledge of the un global goals for sustainable development and come up with solutions accordingly.

Transforming the future

How Way2Smile assists Governments and Enterprises in reshaping their world?

Government bodies of a country can now easily view and determine the climatic conditions and safeguard the public from hazards like fluctuation in sea levels, dangerous storms, etc. Added, one can view the conditions of the regional farms and gain a clear view of crop harvesting, production number, crop efficiencies, etc. They can also know the current state of pollution and frame strategies in accordance with them.

We help enterprises to transform their vision in a digital sense by establishing a strong enterprise ecosystem, reducing paper and carbon footprint, incorporating green technology, etc. Optimizing the operations under enterprises can help in filtering through mountains of data and project a realistic sustainable development model.

Our Achievements

Being in this field for a decade, we are noted to one of the UN SDG Companies offering the following set of solutions.

Oceanography Solutions

Monitoring various factors of the ocean like the increase in sea level, depletion of the marine life and the ecosystem, waste dump, pH level of the water, etc. can help in framing the SDG solutions for government & enterprises. Our marine debris tracker helps government bodies to keep track of the waste dumping on our oceans. It can also help in collecting and utilizing data for people who depend on the oceans for their livelihood like fishermen, coastal guards, oceanographers, etc.

BI Tool for Agriculture

Allows Governments to continuously monitor the initial stages of agricultural production and know the availability of the products. This can be helpful in making better decisions for the future by knowing the market trend analysis, current data of the farm volumes, to plan the international demand-supply cycle, in addition to monitoring the over-pricing trends or pricing gaps.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Our custom application, ManageTeamz is developed with practical challenges in mind. Optimization of the logistics industry by incorporating sustainable development goals is very much needed at the present. Along with the stringent monitoring of various factors like greenhouse gas emissions, ManageTeamz also has real-time tracking, route optimization, location accuracy, etc.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Way2Smile has created trial applications in the past. Our trial application is designed with a lot of factors in mind, like protecting natural resources, endangered species, etc. The trial users can use this application to be more aware of their surroundings and get to know more about the environment around them. Helping the users with other things like monitoring the trial path, looking out for places that may be hazardous, etc. In a way, this helps to create a better sustainable future by protecting the human settlements.

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As one of the reliable Sustainable Development Goals Providers, we resolve the challenges in the society and resolving them.

Cities + Environments

Eco-friendly designs and incorporating green engineering can help create a sustainable future by controlling pollution and over-exploitation of resources. Driving the green campaign by spreading awareness about recycling, clean energy, conserving fossil fuels, etc. can bring a significant change.

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