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Application Development

We design and develop native, cross-platform and enterprise software applications. Providing full-stack development solutions is our forte. We also offer applications integrated with cloud technologies, progressive web apps, mobile app solutions, and UI-UX designs.

Data & Analytics

We help businesses to make data-driven decision-making by providing them with optimized data and figures. Our business tools are equipped with artificial intelligence, NLP, and predictive analysis.

Product Development

We focus on providing pocket-friendly IT software solutions. We also believe that high-quality IT products should not be confined to a single platform. So if there is even a tiny space for optimization, we grab it.

Cloud Deployment

As a digital transformation company, we are 'pro' cloud technology. We provide cloud deployment solutions that are simple to use and can integrate other technologies like AI, ML, etc.


One of the biggest advantages of this application is its ability to identify user's patterns. We have used artificial intelligence to identify the user's pattern based on their social media interaction. This allows the app to provide better recommendations to travelers. Travelers can also filter the list based on several parameters like price range, availability, etc. They can also explore nearby events or tourist attractions at their destination.

Local vendors can register in this application to widen their target audience and boost their business. People can also rate their experiences at certain places to guide their fellow travelers.


Insure Tech

Application that deals with claims, patients receipts and broker approval, Application satisfies the definition of a "health plan" under the HIPAA rules, so is considered a "covered entity" and hence complies with the applicable HIPAA privacy rules.

With our years of experience in Mapping solutions, It's well crafted to run with minimal battery energy and offers a dashboard for business owners to manage their business.



Logistics and Delivery Web and Mobile application built and deployed in Cloud Instances. Handling 100k requests from various smartphones to track their current location and helps business owners to manage their delivery businesses effectively.

With our years of experience in Mapping solutions, It's well crafted to run with minimal battery energy and offers a dashboard for business owners to manage their business.


Master Info Systems

25 years of oceanographic data, Analyzed and rendered in less than 5 seconds. With the power of Data Scientists and data modelling, our application development team built robust solutions that eventually saves human lives and sends SOS alerts when there is a natural calamity.

The predictive analysis model helped and perfectly predicted the direction of storm and weather forecasting.


For a US basedBiomedical Research Institution

An Interactive tool that helps Researchers and scientists to analyze gene patterns, cluster and make a decision of how genes react based on specific parameters.

Rshiny is integrated with Python and integrated with Angular High Chart. Offering Reports download with various filter criterias simplifies the process of exchanging patterns between scientists.


ERP Implementation

An on-demand conversational learning platform for millions of students around the world. It gives instant access to a live tutor in chat to help students solve any of their subject problems.

Integrated with CRM, Online classes, sessions and payment gateway, a complete ERP solution is integrated and customized as an online education platform.



Launching our white label OTT platform

With a powerful medium like digital in hand, artists and media companies alike, have the opportunity to build the next BIG platform effortlessly. Content creators don’t have to restrict their reach and engagement within predefined digital boundaries. They can build their own medium, powered by their own ideas, emotions, and technologies, impacting millions of lives at a time.

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We solve every single challenge prevailing in the Healthcare industry by engineering with Web & Mobile Applications with enhanced Analytics Software & Cloud Solutions.

As a cutting-edge software solution provider, we integrate customer driven-results, functional capabilities to drive your Healthcare business towards digitization.

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In order to make your Fintech business more secure, we leverage technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence. We give additional importance to get rid of security patches.

We adapt the latest changes prevailing in the Fintech industry and provide end-to-end software development services regardless of complexities in it.

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To digitally transform the Agriculture business, Augmented Reality has played a great role in developing applications. Our customizable software solutions for the Agricultural industry which are insightful.

We integrate features such as ERP, Field & Crop Management System, Warehouse Management Systems, etc for a fully-featured application.

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We have a pool of experts to deal with all aspects of technologies by adopting agile and scrum methodologies. You can remain ahead with effective data maintenance and cloud storage.

You can enhance your software with fully-built microservices, API integration and security mechanisms, and data integrations.

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In addition to these industries as a leading IT consultancy company, we also serve other major industries such as Education, Travel, Fashion, Entertainment, etc. Be it a new or existing business, we make it happen.

We combine simplicity and intuitiveness to the functional application for a seamless and hassle-free experience among the customers.

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Way2Smile Solutions, the best-in-class IT Consulting Company seamlessly works in providing solutions in order to stand out from the crowd. We adopt both advanced and traditional strategies to bring an outcome with packed benefits. We are a team of experienced scholars who have served 200+ companies growth all across the globe. We work with the major motto of making our client’s business goals into a reality! With 15+ years of experience, we have come across both positive and negative experiences which made us build a robust workspace.

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