Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai – 2023 [Updated List!]

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai – 2023 [Updated List!]

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Are you looking for the list of the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai? There are several best-in-class Mobile App Development Companies in the city, out of which we have tried to pick out for you the ones that may be the best choice if you need to develop a bespoke mobile app, at speed & scale.

Nearly 2.5 million smartphone users across Chennai are engaged with mobile apps and hence your mobile application should be built with the most essential features that exhibit high performance. Essentially the Mobile app development company needs to deliver the most disruptive mobile app technology to reach the most probable customers and to monetize the app. 

There is infinite competition to stay ahead in the Mobile App market in Chennai. With multiple players offering different options of customization and advantages, it can get difficult to choose the right option for your business case.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai


  1. Way2Smile
  2. Macappstudio
  3. Hakuna Matata Solutions
  4. Contus
  5. Colan Infotech
  6. Pyramidion
  7. Ideas2IT
  8. Teamtweaks
  9. Smarther
  10. Mavinapps

#1. Way2Smile

way2smile solutions

Way2Smile is a premier Mobile App Development company located in Chennai, India offering mobile app solutions for Enterprises, SMEs & Startups with a strong portfolio of over 100+ implementations and 1000+ ready-to-deploy POCs. The development team consists of highly experienced Designers, Full-Stack programmers, and Project Managers, who can help you get your app up and running in the timeline you define and within your budgets. Know for their flexibility and customer-centric approach, Way2Smile, is a leading Android app Development & iOS app development company in Chennai, India that focuses on building mobile apps that resonate with some of the leading industry concepts.

Capabilities & Offerings

Way2Smile Solutions has a highly capable team – they have a range of developers who belong to various experience levels, skilled in 

  • Mobile App Development languages like Java, Kotlin, Ionic, Flutter & React Native (for Android); and Objective-C & Swift (for iOS)
  • Frameworks such as Android SDK, Google Fit SDK, Google Assistant SDK, Open GL (for Android); and Cocoa Controls, Cocoa Touch, Cocos 2D, Native SDK, and Google SDK (for iOS)
  • Databases such as Firestore, SQLite & Realm

They offer multiple services such as

They also provide ready-to-deploy white-labelled mobile solutions, that can be customized as per specifications to fit your business needs perfectly.

IT staff augmentation

Way2Smile Solutions is also a leading global provider of IT staff augmentation services, and offer developers, designers, and architects on-demand, per the requirements of the client organization. Their services are highly flexible and customizable and allow clients to scale up or down on resource requirements with near-zero hassles.


The core directive of the organization is positioned to empathize with and support the UN SDGs. The organization has for years positioned itself as a prime proponent of sustainable development & technology and has worked on multiple projects that have a direct or indirect impact on the community at large. 

Clients & Projects: ManageTeamz, Sandhai, CheckNet, NIOT, FastPayee, Paragon Private Health, Aavin, PonPure Logistics

Founded: 2010

Employees: 51 – 200

Location: Shollinganalur, OMR, Chennai.

Website: | Email: | Mobile/Whatsapp: +91 733 877 3388

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#2. Macappstudio


Macappstudio is a million-dollar mobile app Development Company in Chennai that engages in creating multi-million dollar apps for its clients. Their apps are renowned for stunning aesthetics and features. They have over 120 apps present across platforms and device types.

Founded: 2012

Employees: 51-200

Clients: Intel, Cognizant, Wipro, CISCO, Astro, Charter

Location: Chennai, India


#3. Hakuna Matata Solutions

Hakuna Matata Solutions is a Mobile Apps development company based in Chennai, providing services for over a decade now. Hakuna Matata Solutions has developed over 250+ Portfolios that include Mobile App Solutions. They work with enterprises in the eCommerce, Education, Travel, and Professional Services sectors.

Founded: 2006

Employees: 51-200

Clients: Dinamalar, Vanguard, Roca, Manitou Group, Saint-Gobain

Location: Chennai, India


#4. Contus

Contus is a mobile app solutions company that can readily launch business ideas onto the mobile responsive market. They have served an array of industries like manufacturing, automobile, advertising, food, and retail space. Contus has been a major player in custom app development and has earned leading clients from Accenture, World Bank, and Mahindra Motors.

Founded: 2008

Employees: 201-500

Clients: Daimler, Mahindra, BharatBenz, JCB, Accenture, The World Bank, Infosys, Hyundai

Location: Chennai, India


#5. Colan Infotech

Colan Infotech is a highly preferred mobile and web development company for overseas clients. They offer their services primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their mobile apps are designed to be completely agile, functional, and aesthetic.

Founded: 2009

Employees: 201-500

Clients: Readipro, My Physio, BookingPal, WooTrix, Rideversity

Location: Chennai, India


#6. Pyramidion


Pyramidion has expertise and laurels in developing Mobile and Web Applications primarily for enterprise IT firms. Their mobile apps leverage machine learning algorithms to push the Client’s product to the first position on listing sites.

Founded: 2013

Employees: 51-200

Clients: Kohler, Siemens, The University of Adelaide, Yorozu, Casagrand, Secude, Bacardi

Location: Chennai, India


#7. Ideas2IT


Idea2IT Technology is a Mobile App Development Company that has developed numerous projects for start-ups and SMEs. Ideals2IT Technology was founded in 2008 and it has around 400+ projects up until today with world-class clients like Microsoft and Ericsson.

Founded: 2008

Employees: 201-500

Location: Chennai, India


#8. Team Tweaks

Team Tweaks is a highly acclaimed Mobile App Development firm in Chennai. Team Tweaks Technologies also has professional full-service design & development for Web Applications.

Founded: 2009

Employees: 10-50

Clients: Shopzoola, PartHut, RZKU, Jobbipush, Hyret, Camion, LetsGoe

Location: Chennai, India


#9. Smarther

Smarther is a leading Mobile and Web Development company producing some of the best multi-million apps for its client base. Their clients are spread across 20 different countries and they successfully delivered over 250+ mobile apps and websites.

Founded: 2011

Employees: 10 – 50

Clients: Apollo Pharmacy, Letzwapp, Pire consulting, Textmunication, Novastar

Location: Chennai, India


#10. Mavin Apps

mavin apps

Mavin Apps is a mobile app and game development company that is fortified by 30+ software developers and 100+ portfolio apps. Mavin Apps and Technologies was founded in 2011 and has an office only in Chennai. They are specialized in designing native apps, games, hybrid apps, responsive websites, and web services.

Founded: 2011

Employees: 10 – 50

Clients: Alpha Street, Weather Scope, Moneyfan, Groupr, Pirate Bingo

Location: Chennai, India


Why Chennai is preferred for Mobile App Development?

Considered a hotbed for mobile app development, Chennai offers a versatile list of mobile app companies that can rank your businesses to a top position by retaining all your customers and catering to their demands. 

Since the Android & iOS app development companies in Chennai, India have extensive experience developing mobile apps for global organizations and challenges, they can offer you the most insightful direction for your app development projects. Most of the Chennai-based companies allow you to know about user behaviour analytics and app performance before initiating the mobile app development process.

Many companies also prefer Chennai for their mobile app needs since it has a good number of Mobile App Development Companies that adopt contemporary mobile app development practices. 

Some of the key benefits you get from a Mobile App Development Company present in Chennai:

  • Get the lowest price quotes for the mobile app development process
  • Expend a short development time and get real-time updates. Stick to definite deadlines
  • Get improved user experience every time, which guarantees long-term success


When you have to market business mobile apps try to ensure that it stands out among the crowd and target audience interest to download and share the app. Clearly define the objectives, understand the target market and then choose the viable technology platform for mobile app development.

Delegating your app development tasks to a skilled and efficient company could be a really good idea. But it would be prudent of you to select one based on your requirements and the chosen partner’s portfolio and track record. Out of the above list, the obviously Best Mobile App Development Company in Chennai for you might just be the one on the top of the list.


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