How technology can fast-track the global Sustainable Development goals?

How technology can fast-track the global Sustainable Development goals?

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Technology is taking the lives of numerous people across the globe. In particular, Sustainable Development goals are the present priority of most enterprises. It is said that these goals can be easily achieved by leveraging technology.         

Technologies are playing a crucial role in the present environment. As the world is turning digital nowadays, it is important for every business to remain updated with technologies. In particular, the world requires sustainability to make it a better place to live.

Thus, in order to make this possible and achievable, utilizing technologies are the best option. It was back in 2015, the rules and regulations for Sustainable development goals were designed. All the 192 nations came forward to handle the 17 sustainable development goals by leveraging new strategies.

The goal achievements are still in progress and a huge number of businesses are here to make this possible. So, what is the role of technologies here? How can they disrupt the sustainability of the globe? In this blog, we have discussed the role of technology in tracking sustainable development goals in the present society.    

Importance of Technology in achieving SDGs:

Since only 10 years are leftover, all these sustainable goals should be turned into reality and make possible with SDG Solutions Providers. Transformative changes through digital technologies are the one which is needed right now for every business.  Although we have crossed four industrial revolutions however these goals are still in the steps of achievement.

If you check out the popular technology, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we deal with our present lives. Businesses are utilizing this technology to scale their business operations which they are performing every day.

Next comes the sensors which are here to keep track of their real-time data in order to make future decisions. With live and real-time data, businesses can make the right decisions that are made possible with the Internet of Things (IoT).

And delivery business has seen a great transformation in recent years. This is where Autonomous Drones or vehicles are helping in these businesses. Added to the list, immersive reality-guided surgeries, 3D printing of body parts, and affordable biohacking are here on their way.

Added, with simple and easy data access at any location. Cloud Computing is the technology behind this and makes data accessibility completely possible. Artificial Intelligence techniques and other major technologies are responsible for making the business operation work efficiently more than humans through learning, seeing, and understanding in order to make the digital age achievable. 

17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved 

  • No Poverty. 
  • Zero Hunger. 
  • Good health and well-being.     
  • Quality Education. 
  • Gender Equality.
  • Clean water and sanitization. 
  • Affordable and Clean Energy. 
  • Decent work and economic growth.   
  • Industry, innovation, and infrastructure. 
  • Reduced inequality.
  • Sustainable cities and communities. 
  • Responsible consumption and production. 
  • Climate Action. 
  • Life below water.
  • Life on land.    
  • Peace and justice strong institutions.       
  • Partnerships to achieve the goal. 

Technology is responsible for enabling the achievement of sustainable development goals which will be effective in driving the current economy. They can protect and safeguard the present environment with top-notch technologies. 

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Out of 50 technologies stated for determining the SDG, 10 of them are already been implemented. For instance, low-cost mobile phones, diagnostic care centers are responsible for making these goals achievable. 

Let’s explore the list of these technologies which are assisting in making these SDG possible:

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one of the best technologies which can be beneficial in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. It can handle the current challenges in business and enhance the sustainability of the environment.

Since the technology deals with easy access, storage, organizations are selecting this technology for availing the maximum benefits. Hence, when speaking about sustainability, Cloud Solutions is here to enable quality education and economic development is also made easy.

Students can pursue their education from anywhere in the world and access their educational materials hassle-free. Similarly, small-scale businesses which are looking to upgrade their operations can also leverage Cloud Solutions for enhancing productivity. 

  • Artificial intelligence

In order to come up with a sustainable city and community in society, Artificial Intelligence and its sub-set Machine Learning play a major role. This technology is here to make business operations that are performed by humans in an effective manner.  

This can in turn eliminate human intervention and also the additional time and cost involved in processing the operations. Companies can also achieve the greatest efficiency with minimal efforts and limited cost.  

  • Automation

Automating is changing the markets and is here to replace a good number of human jobs within the next 10 years. Added, innovative technologies such as Blockchain are being used for various purposes such as speculative evidence by the rise of cryptocurrency which is being termed for theft or fraudulent activities.   

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  • AR, VR, 5G Networks

Augmented and Virtual Reality comes next on the list that allows businesses as well as their customers to view their operations lively at their location. For example, if you run a business associated with Fashion or Clothing, your customers can check the products in real-time and analyze if it suits them or not before buying.

When it comes to 5G Networks, it is useful in enhancing communication and sorting the complexities.

  • Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics can assist businesses in making future decisions and fulfill result-oriented goals. When speaking about sustainability, they are responsible for enhancing business growth which is made possible with technology.

We people at Way2Smile where offering  sustainability consulting services and aware of this and have developed a platform for the Agricultural sector.           


Sustainable development goals are the major necessity in this globe without any doubt. Ensure every business here should fulfill and work on these goals. We are one of the Sustainable Development Goals companies where we help businesses in enhancing sustainability.

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