Reasons Why Everybody is Using Cloud Mobile Apps

Reasons Why Everybody is Using Cloud Mobile Apps

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Increasingly more number of organizations opt for cloud-based business apps. Not without reason. These prove easy to manage, distribute, and integrate. The security risks presented by cloud mobile apps are also lower when compared with native apps. Apart from providing benefits in terms of agility, cloud mobile apps offer an effective way of controlling shadow IT.

How Does the Cloud Mobile App Gain Considerable Significance?

There are countless apps that compete on various app stores for gaining space on consumers’ mobile devices regularly.  Moreover, the volume of apps that are not on app stores is overwhelming.  With the exploding progress of mobile technology and increasing volume of apps, it is not an easy task to manage the competition, reach out to users, and achieve success. Here’s where the cloud-based mobile apps emerge as the timely solution. iPhone app development companies and Android app developers find the features and convenience offered by the cloud to be very useful in the app development process.

Mobile apps, when pushed into the cloud, occupy only the minimal space on users’ devices. These apps are capable of interacting directly with the cloud with regard to data transfer and other crucial functions. Unlike native apps that need to be downloaded on to the users’ devices, cloud mobile apps live on servers while offering users access through web browsers. With cloud technology gaining popularity and wide-spread usage, there’s little wonder that businesses and users alike are more inclined toward cloud mobile apps.

Factors That Make Cloud Mobile Apps Preferred

  • Compatible to Major Platforms: While native apps are platform-specific—they can only be developed for either Android or iOS, cloud apps can be developed in such as way that they work well on both the operating systems. This eases the developers’ work while facilitating entrepreneurs to reach a significantly wider audience.
  • Doesn’t Require Installation: One of the attractive features of a cloud mobile app is that it doesn’t require any downloading or installing. Users may see its interface and are offered the convenience of using it just on their mobile browser in hassle-free, simple manner. Cloud mobile apps directly interact with the cloud and fetch data, thus assuring smooth running and great user experience.
  • Time Taken for App Development: Timeline for developing an app plays a crucial role in the modern business environment. Complexity and specific features as required by the entrepreneurs have a significant impact on this factor. Developing cloud apps does not take a long time as in the case of native apps. The capability to establish a presence on both Android and iOS through a single development version makes it really very time-efficient.
  • Effective Apps Under Low Costs: In developing native apps simultaneously for Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store, costs involved prove to be double. But cloud mobile development involves lower cost. And you get the advantage of developing an app once and gain the possibility to have it work on both the platforms. Small businesses, especially startups that look for cost-effective ways to reach their target audience will find this very beneficial.
  • Data Security is Assured: The potential of data loss, errors, and malfunctions that shroud native apps are done away with, in the case of cloud mobile apps. All data being stored in the cloud, there’s little chance of losing information.
  • Seamless Database Integration is Possible: To be able to run mobile apps efficiently, you need to integrate them with databases. This process—which becomes complex in the case of native apps due to huge time required for importing database information—is seen to be a lot easier in cloud apps. This is due to the fact that in cloud apps, you get to sync all information through the cloud server.
  • Scalability: Any mobile app needs to be constantly updated and rendered better on a regular basis. Such regular maintenance in cloud mobile apps is easy and inexpensive as implementing necessary elements over a period of time is possible here. You need not have every feature in your app on day one; you may go on adding the necessary ones as and when required. This helps in improving overall user experience.

Exclusive Benefits Offered by Cloud Mobile Apps

The cloud offers several advantages and is rapidly growing in popularity to be the superior platform in the modern world. The following are a few of the advantages of moving to the cloud when mobile apps are concerned:

  • It is possible to optimize mobility’s benefits when cloud development is adapted. Moreover, cloud mobile app development is the choice of android app developers and iOS development companies alike, as it offers agile process for development.
  • Cloud mobile applications are updated automatically. Several cloud mobile apps do not require to access users’ device information – this increases the security.
  • Data loss is eliminated even in the event of your mobile device being lost – as all data is stored on the cloud safely. Users may access their information with any other device using their login credentials.
  • Cloud mobile apps help leverage extended battery life as your data is stored on the cloud.

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