What Are the Steps to Upload an App to the Google Play Store?

What Are the Steps to Upload an App to the Google Play Store?

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If you are a digital-first company looking to reimagine your brand’s digital presence, you have no idea the kind of impact google play and mobile applications can have on your business. Consumers around the world are on their smartphones and to keep them interested, almost every company, including retail outlets, looks to leverage google play and mobile apps

An app from the Google play store can be the ideal channel for reaching billions of people. Although making yourself accessible to users through android apps would be ideal for business, it may be difficult to implement. Taking expert advice to upload completely optimized software to the Google play store can be prudent, as it achieves maximum visibility and helps stand out from the competitors. 

If you’ve been wondering how to submit an app to the google play store, this step-by-step blog will walk you through the process of launching your first app.

What are the steps to submit an app to the google play store? 

The Play Store can be a powerful tool and submitting an app to the google play store may be one of the best things you did for your business. But unless you are an expert or have expert android app development guidance, you may make a costly mistake.

Ensure to follow each step in precise chronological order.

  1. Create a google developer account
  2. Link your developer account with a google wallet merchant account
  3. Create a merchant account for the application
  4. App listing in the mandatory fields
  5. Upload the APK or app bundle files for your app
  6. Add content rating
  7. Set pricing and a distribution plan
  8. Publish your app

Create a google developer account

Google Play connect won’t let you publish your app if you don’t have a Google developer account. Once you’re done, the cost of a Google developer account may change. Depending on your current Google developer account cost, you can either use it or create a new one to register for a Google Developer Account. In the future, you can effortlessly migrate your app to another one. There is nothing difficult about it. Simply adhere to the directions. 

If you do not already have a Google play developer account, you will need to create one. A google store private account and a corporate account are the same.  

Establishing the project entails enrolling in the program, providing personal information, and signing the developer distribution agreement for the software. Thereafter, it will be simple to transfer your play store application to another account. 

Link your developer account with a google play merchant account

A merchant account is required if the software you intended to submit to the Google play store allows for in-app purchases. Log into your Google play console account and click on. Then select “set up a merchant account now” and enter your information. Your google play store admin console and the merchant account will be automatically connected. You can then control and assess your app sales after that.

Create a google play console merchant account for the application process

In order to sell paid apps or in-app purchases, you must set up a Google merchant account. You can monitor app sales, control your monthly payouts, and google app store review sales. The developer account is connected to the merchant profile automatically after it has been completed.

App listing in the mandatory fields

Submitting the application for google review in the app listing is the next step. You must complete the app description, title description, and a brief summary of the app’s original concept. Add keywords to the description to improve its visibility in the search bar.

You must fill out the details about your app in this phase in order to add the app to the google play store. 

You have two options: finish entering the data all at once, or save a draft and finish it later. Also, we advise you to speak with your marketing team and branding team at this stage to develop the precise app profile that your company requires.

What you need to do is as follows:

  • Provide the program title, a brief description (no more than 80 characters), and a detailed description (up to 4000 characters).
  • Include graphic content such as videos, icons, photos, and screenshots of the app.
  • Add additional language translations for your app. You have the option of adding your own translated version or purchasing translations.
  • Sort your app into the appropriate type and category.
  • Provide your contact information so people may reach you. An email address must be included, but you may also include your phone number and website.
  • The usage of user data must be expressly stated in the privacy policy.

Upload the APK store android or app bundle files for your app

It’s time to actually upload the files before release after you’ve verified that your program has all the prerequisites required for release. You have a choice regarding the release kind. The last release before submitting a live copy of your finished software to the open google play store is called production. Before a final release, beta and alpha releases provide you with the chance to test your app and get insightful feedback to enhance it. With just one line of code, we provide you with the best resources for gathering detailed feedback from your users. 

  • Choose the sign-in on google play option you want for your app, or click OPT-OUT to disable it and sign in locally.
  • Choose the APK or app bundle files for your app to upload.
  • On the page’s bottom right, click review. This verifies and sends the release information for your app.
  • Your app needs a content rating google play, as well as a distribution and price strategy before it is released into the open.

Add the content ranking values

Getting your software rated is one of the most important tasks. Select “content rating” from the left-hand menu. Enter your e-mail address in the space provided, then click “confirm.” If it is “unrated,” the Google Play store might remove it. Give an app a rating on the Google Play store by answering a few questions. Save the survey, select “compute rating” to check your app’s rating, and then click “apply” to complete the app’s google play content rating questionnaire.

Set google developer account price and a distribution plan

There are only a few steps left before an app can be uploaded to the apk play store. A paid app can be made or a free app can be made. You can subsequently switch between a paid and a free app, but not vice versa. As a result, be cautious when selecting your price model. 

Choose the nations you wish to distribute your app in after finishing. You can choose to distribute your software to google play check country or just a few chosen ones. Also, you can select a particular android developer account and gadgets for your app.

Release your app

Publish a google android app to the play store by following the instructions in this advice. Once everything is correct, add the application to the platform to the google play console manual release. You must return to the “App Releases” tab and choose “Manage Production” before choosing “Edit Release”. Then, select “Review” and then “Start rollout to production” from the menu. Choose the “Confirm” option to finish the process, and presto. The app has been successfully posted to your Google play store app for a free account.

All that’s left to do is wait for your application to be approved after uploading a free app to the google play store. Your application was assessed in a typical two-hour period. It will now take hours or even days for the same, thanks to the app store Google Play’s modified privacy policy, which motivates mobile app development companies to produce even more faultless products that are promptly chosen. Hold your excitement in check and wait instead.

How Can You Feature Your Google Apps Store?

It’s your responsibility to ensure that the app’s popularity and thousands of downloads continue. It is now time to get your app displayed on the google play store for android after successfully completing the processes for publishing a free or premium app there. There are specific practices such as user interface and graphic design services, working on the latest technologies, localization, etc. that allow your app to get featured. Receiving a google play store feature can help your app so much that it multiplies the amount of attention consumers pay to it.


By entering the mobile market years ago, Google surpassed its rivals. Google has secured a wide range of applications through open-source development. As a result, it has emerged as the preferred location for app launches in order to grow the user base. When opening the Google play store application, keep a few things in mind that the user is searching for an app that offers the finest user experience. The most consumer traffic can be produced by an app that has been featured in the google play store settings, is filled with essential keywords, and has a smooth user experience. 

We really hope that the preceding guidance was useful in assisting you with uploading an app to the play store. When you publish an app to the play store, you need a proactive marketing plan to draw users. After the Android app in Play Store is released, you must continue to work on it to make it successful or the competitors will eclipse it.

Way2Smile Solutions, an android app development company a leading can make your app idea a success tale. Our expertise can assist you in every way, whether it’s creating a strong and scalable app or publishing it and then getting it listed on the google play store for developers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The guidelines listed below each explain how to complete one of the processes necessary for submitting an app.

Assemble the data for the app store
Create a production certificate for the google play app store.
A production provisioning profile should be developed.
Make a listing on the app store
Build a release version.
Version information field.
Version submitted for evaluation

An application can be published in the Google Apps store at any time. Although submitting an application through the developer console google play store is a quick and easy procedure, the time it takes for your app to be assessed and chosen might range from hours to days.
Simple actions must be taken in order to submit an Android app:
Establishing a google play developer login.
Create the privacy policy and end user license agreement.
Check that the application complies with developer’s google play privacy policy url.
Develop the entire app.
Complete the store listing form, choose the package name, sign the app with the certificate, and upload the app bundle or.apk.
To publish an app, Google does not charge any money. Nevertheless, a developer’s account is required in order to upload an app and costs $25 to open. After that, you can submit your Android applications to a free app publisher.

An app may be removed from the store for a variety of reasons like: Violation of a google play developer program policies on the google play store.Viruses or malware, or inappropriate content. Not intending to target an Android device. Appeals have to be submitted within 15 days of the initial denial. You will have to give more details about your app and the reasons you think they should be placed on the store.

Absolutely, yes. With over 2 billion active Android devices, the apk google play store is the biggest app store in the entire world. This increases the size of your app’s possible user base. Also, releasing content on the google play store apk might assist you in establishing your brand and credibility. Users will be aware that your app has been reviewed by Google and is not likely to contain malware when they see it in the store.
Last but not least, going to my play store might assist you in making money from your software while publishing.

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