Reasons that make Cloud-Based Mobile Apps a Good Business Investment

Reasons that make Cloud-Based Mobile Apps a Good Business Investment

Universally, more than half of the enterprises have been found to focus on building their road map and mobile applications strategy on cloud platforms. The number is expected to increase in future. It is no wonder. Cloud platforms such as Azure have been redefining the way global enterprises are scaling their businesses.

Cloud-native applications are seen to help tech-savvy enterprises to surpass hindrances and stay ahead. Innovation and revolution in cloud technology provide opportunities to business organizations to grow by taking their business operations to unprecedented heights. Mobile Cloud Application Development is touted to be the most happening thing among the emerging technologies in the contemporary world.

Why Cloud Mobile App Development is Getting Popular?

Modern mobile devices are functioning on different operating systems. They have varied screen sizes and characteristics. To create a mobile program that runs on such different devices, cross-platform capability is required. This ensures that more number of mobile apps can be created that users may avail using different devices.

Developers involved in business mobile app development may handle this demand by moving their program data that is saved on the mobile devices to servers that run on cell cloud. The cloud’s data storage capabilities and computing power can be leveraged for creating mobile cloud services. This doesn’t involve investing on infrastructure but ensures that cloud infrastructure is being utilized fully.

What are the Key Factors That Drive Global Businesses Toward Using Cloud Mobile App Development?
Mobile cloud computing enables enterprises and private users to access their files, documents, images, and other data over the Internet remotely by using their mobile devices. Global business organizations and Mobile App Development Companies have started adopting this evolving technology because of the various benefits it offers.

The following are the major reasons that make cloud-based mobile applications popular:

1. Cloud mobile apps are multiple-platform compatible
Cloud mobile computing offers users the freedom of opting for any platform. Developers may launch the app simultaneously on Android as well as iOS. Cloud mobile apps work well on both the operating systems. This reduces workload and makes implementation easier while helping the app to reach a wider user base.

Developers are relieved from having to fix which type of mobile devices they are targeting related to their base audience while building the mobile app. It is possible to access the software stored in the cloud regardless of the platform. Mobile cloud computing offers multiple platform support.

2. Database integration is seamless

The ability to provide seamless database integration is one of the key qualities available in mobile cloud services. Database integration and importing all information included in the database is time-consuming and hard, but necessary.

Cloud-based mobile application development makes this otherwise complex process easier as all data is synced with cloud server. Cloud mobile app developers do not have to write codes for integrating databases when the app is created using cloud technology.

3. Lesser app development time
Time taken for developing a mobile app is one of the concerns of modern businesses. Development of native apps proves to be a lengthy process. If specific features are required, then the time taken further increases. Faster app development translates to faster time to market.

Cloud-based development platform ensures having the essential factors such as integration, security, and backend connection. Pre-packaged functions and APIs are set up already. This empowers developers to focus on creating apps quickly and achieve efficient and rapid iterations from coding and testing through debugging.

With cloud development, entrepreneurs are enabled to get their business mobile apps ready in record time.

4. Installation is not required
Users need not install or download cloud-based mobile apps from app stores to their mobile devices. Mobile cloud solutions enable users to view the interface and utilize it directly by using a mobile browser.

Unlike in the case of native apps, where you are required to install the app in your device and keep updating it to make it operational, cloud-based apps run directly from the cloud. They are similar in function to web-based applications. They directly interact with the clod for fetching data. This makes the apps run smoothly and offers great user experience.

5. Better scalability and reliability
After having created and launched a mobile app, it is essential to keep updating it and tweaking it for improvements on a regular basis. Such ability to constantly update the app in line with users’ preferences and future needs is one of the vital factors that impact its success.

Here’s where cloud-based mobile applications score full credit by enabling easy scalability. App development in the cloud ensures better scalability and more reliability. The cloud allows adding and removing instances in an ongoing basis. This warrants that the app is always having exactly what is required.

6. Data recovery is easy
The unwanted eventuality of losing data is ruled out when cloud computing is adopted. Here, data is being stored on different servers and backed up regularly in an efficient manner. Cloud hosting ensures that threats such as natural disasters or accidents such as fires and breakages do not lead to destruction and data loss.

With extensive server network of backups and fail-safes, the data is well-secured and up to date. Even in the event of something going wrong, data can always be recovered.

7. Costs are low
Choosing cloud computing applications ensures minimum upfront costs. Charges related to licensing and upgrades are also avoided. Overall development costs involved in cloud apps is lower. This is especially advantageous to start-ups and SMEs with fund constraints.


8. Data storage is secure
Security of data is of paramount importance the world wide. “About 70 percent of the total population of adults in the United States claims that they are concerned about losing their money or getting their identity stolen due to the reason of their payment mode not being secure.”

Unlike native apps that store data on users’ devices, cloud-based applications store all the data on the cloud. The possibility of errors or malfunctions is eliminated. Cloud storage ensures that data is secured in a robust and efficient manner.

It has been universally accepted that mobile cloud solutions drive the modern businesses ahead. Entrepreneurs and Mobile App Developers who look for an alternative in app development may go in for cloud-based mobile application development. It offers several exclusive benefits, the chief ones being cost efficiency and security factors.

Cloud abilities enormously help in streamlining the app development process. Developing apps in the cloud also considerably reduces the time taken.

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