How to create a hype for your app right from the beginning?

How to create a hype for your app right from the beginning?

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Mobile app products and dire need of marketing

Digital transformation has led to an infinite competition among mobile application development companies and digital product owners to gain limelight and also publicize their product. It is one of the most critical dimensions of competition for any two major players or a bunch of businesses competing in a single commercial space. With about 2.5 billion smartphone users all across the globe, there are potential reasons for you to come up with the most essential features and highly utilizable applications which are accessible to market and also help monetize through mobile apps for a distinct and fertile revenue stream.

Unfortunately, such great possibilities of business success in the mobile app world are bottlenecked by the hurdles of mobile app marketing. To unlock the largest of benefits and profits, businesses are continuously increasing their focus on mobile app marketing for better sales and monetization through the app.

Here are the most effective actionable tips for creating hype about your mobile app right from the beginning.

In-depth market research & data-driven app conception

To ensure the best possible impact of mobile app marketing, it is essential to research across the targeted market for
1. App preferences
2. Content references & choices
3. The overall thought process of the probable customer

If the Mobile App Development Companies can map the mind of users, they will be in a position to draft the best possible functional and non-functional requirements. It will be a case of bursting potential to create an excessive burst hype in the market as mobile application development companies look to gather more sales, publicizing their past projects. Along the course, what should be taken into account?

  • Targeted market
  • A demographic profile of most travel users
  • Points for impact analysis in future
  • Dire needs of the respective business scenario
  • Analysis of customers expectation based on reviews for a similar product
  • A possibility of future expansion

Advanced use of customer engagement tools

AI and machine learning-based customer engagement tools are essential for mobile application development companies. They help you create a much-needed hype for the app right from the beginning. There are numerous dedicated third-party tools which help you gather powerful insights based on the pattern of content surfing and several activities of app users. It will help you with

  • Directions for creating engagement driven content
  • Future close for expanding the functionalities
  • Gauge the reasons for customer bounce off
  • Mobile app user behavioral data
  • Engagement analytics & stats

Direct personalized approach

It is crucial that mobile application development companies and business owners consistently work to reach out to their most probable customers in the most direct and customized manner. If you can make your upcoming product persist on the users’ smartphone and mind through, it will be a great help. It can directly help you create excellent brand awareness which motivates effective publicity on all platforms. It can be done through notifications and ads from credible sources and affiliation programs.

Features and appeals

For any product to create a buzz in the technology business space, features, shout outs and appeals in credible magazines, internet resources can help a great deal. It will build a sense of belief and higher credibility if any of the reliable resources affiliate your product existence and quality. Users are more likely to use your mobile app if they see relevant ads or recommendations on platforms which they feel are credible and quality driven.

App-experience centric publicity

Nowadays, upcoming products and newly launched mobile apps are trying to impart a short-lived user experience of their mobile app with personalized Instagram stories, pop-up ads which require the user to perform some action or give input before they diminish from the screen. It is one of the recently developed and highly useful tool which can get people to use your product. It is mainly helpful for:

  • Upcoming mobile games
  • News platforms
  • Chat messengers
  • Content delivery platforms

All-around Social media coverage

The body of the text is titled as ‘all-around social media coverage,’ but there is a catch here. It is titled so because a majority of people generally call it like that. But all-around social media coverage means that you are focusing on social media platforms where the majority user base overlaps with potential, most probable customers. For instance, a fashion-related or a mobile game app need not focus extensively on professional social media networks like LinkedIn. They should be focusing their most probable customers either on Instagram or Facebook. These are primarily used by youngsters who are more likely to use apps from the respective domain. Snapchat stories and Pinterest articles are other great ways of publicizing your apps for youngsters. But, it is important to note that only a niche segment of users indulge in the less popular social media platforms.

Experiential Marketing, Humane Content Creation

Creating friendly content and highly relatable user stories is one of the most effective ways of drawing customer attention towards your mobile app and blowing the much-needed hype. Experiential marketing is one of the most practiced forms of digital marketing where a significant number of digital products are benefitted with organic traffic and effective publicity based on highly engaging content creation modules and much required customer-centric approach.

Complete inbound, outbound customer engagement solution

It is the next step, but it is imperative for us to mention here. When a mobile product is effectively publicized, people are bound to turn off with queries and opportunities to gain effective UX. They should be accompanied by a digitally existing team of customer representatives and people creating 121 awareness about your app. This will help you create a much-needed trust and brand reputation. Once the team conclusively resolves a customer query, the customer becomes a potential ‘word of mouth’ publicity source for the product. It is an added benefit which helps you create the buzz in the most targeted manner.

The Comprehensive Guide to Mobile App Development for Businesses


Mobile application development companies and their clients are continuously working and converging their multidimensional effort to create hype for the mobile app right from the beginning. It is important to back your publicity and capitalize on the gained attention with a high-quality mobile product launch.

As a company intensifies its mobile app marketing efforts, the choice between MVP and EVP gets much more critical. Also, it is advisable to go for an Exceptional Viable Product or EVP if you are looking to push the throttle of mobile app marketing right from the word go. It is important because if the expectation set by your marketing efforts does not meet the actual product UX, it will lead to an outright permanent rejection at the users’ end.

Mobile App Development Companies should be continuously looped in to elevate your standards continually and also letting your users be engaged in the app. It is essential to bring in a consistently growing string of new updates and near to perfect UX well backed by our mobile app marketing plan. Mobile application development companies are playing a significant role to anchor the mobile app marketing space with highly functional, robust and hopefully utilized mobile apps in all industries and domains.

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