How can Digital Twins Drive Healthcare Transformation?

How can Digital Twins Drive Healthcare Transformation?

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The Healthcare industry is now marching towards digital technologies to get transformed. One such thing is Digital Twins which is most prevalent in healthcare. The major role of Digital twins here is to change the clinical process and enhance medical care.

In this blog, we have discussed how digital twins can take the health industry to the next level!  

Digital Twins in the Healthcare Industry:

The COVID situation has played and disrupted most of the businesses currently. In particular, healthcare organizations such as medical centers, pharmaceutical organizations, public health systems, etc have adopted Digital Twins to tackle the situation. 

In order to enhance the performance, quality, and transformation of the sector, Digital Twins were adopted. They improved the health condition of the patients with a good quality of care. Though large medical centers have a good set of experiences, there are few complexities involved. 

So, what these digital twins actually are? How Digital Twins in Healthcare would be beneficial?

To put it in simple terms, Digital Twins is a virtual copy of tangible entities such as vehicles, people and intangible entities such as manufacturing processes that can be analyzed independently of their real-world counterparts in order to make informed decisions.

This concept has been widely appreciated and accepted by giants such as NASA, Siemens have adopted this strategy and progressed themselves. 

Medical devices are not entirely managed with IoT technology which can easily collect and handle the patient data effectively. These IoT medical devices are capable of recording the patient’s data such as name, type of treatment given, personal & contact details, medicines prescribed, etc. 

The gathered data is further used as an insight for making decisions for patients. Moreover, how complex the data may be, it can be managed easily with the Internet of Things technology since it can handle multiple and dozens of data at the same time irrespective of how complex they are. This has made most of the organizations to move towards IT Consulting Companies for implementation. 

Healthcare wearables will allow the condition of obtaining real-time data as patients go for their daily lives. For conditions that require seamless data for the further medication process. New sensors applied to the devices are responsible for tracking the data.

Several organizations have even developed Digital Twins models of human organs. Hewlett Packard Enterprise deployed its supercomputer in order to create digital models of the brain for research purposes. 

While Siemens Healthineers have their own Digital model and Philips has its own version of the virtual heart via Digital Twins. These models are like a natural evolution to radiological imaging and diagnosis which offers detailed depictions of a patient’s organs.  

In the healthcare sector, Digital Twins can be defined as life-long, rich data of the persons when combined with AI-powered models can result in offering answers for all the complex clinical questions too. They can also be implemented with Android Application Development Companies that specialize and have previous experience on this!

Digital Twin can be used to predict the results of specific procedures. It can also help you in figuring out the right therapy for a specific patient. Additionally,  with the behavioral data, the healthcare industry can get to know and manage the diseases perfectly. 

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Prediction of  Outcome:

They can play a decisive role in predicting the outcome of an intervention. A digital twin of a patient’s heart (which leverages MRI, ECG, and blood pressure data) can allow cardiologists to precisely determine the positioning of leads that would work best on this specific patient by virtually experimenting with various placement positions – all before an actual surgical intervention even begins.

We can predict a good future of Digital Twins with not just Healthcare but most of the industries. A report states Digital Twins is estimated to grow $35.8 billion by the year 2025. Let’s also discuss the benefits of implementing them!

Benefits of adopting Digital Twins in Healthcare:

  • Offering a new “healthy” way

A normal and healthy individual has chances of ignoring little indications of normal symptoms. With Digital Twins, it can track a person’s record and cross-check them against the registered patterns and analyze the disease indications. 

Moreover,  the data can also produce Digital virtualization of a healthy patient and helps in defining the new standard for being “healthy“.

  • Patient Monitoring 

Virtual patients help monitor the patient after which it gets modeled. It uses adaptive analytics and algorithms to come up with perfect outcomes with its periodic updates of data collection. Hence, Technology Solution Providers are implementing Digital Twins for their businesses. 

  • Cost Savings

A report states a hospital measured a 900% improvement in cost savings after the successful implementation of Digital Twins. It has helped organizations in saving a huge amount of money even at its initial stages.  

With the required savings, it additionally helps the hospitals and health organizations with the following things:

  1. It would enhance the workforce & productivity by buying new instruments, beds, rooms, etc when needed.
  2. Using Digital Twins within health organizations can help in predicting emergency situations which help organizations in a better way.
  3. Creates patient-specific treatment methods.

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  • Personal Healthcare

By fabricating a virtual twin of a health organization, every person out there can experience a robust and clean time analysis of in and out time which thereby offers a good workflow. This can help in reducing the queue time for the patients while handling appointments and offering good maintenance. 

Other popular digital forces that would result in a better outcome for healthcare include:

  1. Internet of Things. 
  2. Software Analytics. 
  3. Machine learning.
  4. Spatial elements network graphs, etc.

All these can be easily managed with the help of big data analytics which can also periodically update itself regularly. 

Which healthcare companies are using digital twin technology?

After the pandemic outbreak, healthcare solutions have increased significantly & it dramatically changes the way healthcare companies operate. More importantly, digital transformation technologies like the digital twin model will help them improve their operations by delivering superior benefits.

There are some key players & startups that are climbing towards streamlining the process, reducing costs, and providing better patient care by offering digital twin solutions. 

Here, I listed out the following healthcare service providers offering digital twin solutions:


Nurea is a french startup company, offering AI-based digital twin software called “Medical imaging software (PRAEVAorta)“. PRAEVAorta is specifically used by cardiovascular surgeons and radiologists to prevent cardiovascular accidents & also equips with appropriate & reliable indicators for faster diagnosis.

Verto Health

Verto health has built a Digital Twin Platform that integrates data from multiple health sources to create an interoperable technology that gets every patient the best possible health outcome. Verto’s digital twin orchestration technology uses real-time data insights & delivers world-class experiences for clinicians, patients, and the healthcare administration system.

Twin health

Twin health developed a platform called “Whole Body Digital Twin” using digital twin technology with advanced medical sciences to prevent & reverse multiple chronic metabolic diseases. Furthermore, it provides precise tracking of activity & provides personalized patient care.


Predisurge -a french based healthcare firm brings innovative decision-making tools by using digital twin technology. They have a product called 3D numerical simulation – Which uses 3D Modelling technologies to predict, analyze, and secure cost-efficient cardiovascular interventions.


Predictiv is a US-based healthcare startup that promotes wellness, predicts and prevents diseases, as well as prevents drug side effects and side effects of drugs using DNA-based digital twin technology. It delivers comprehensive DNA screening and integrates with health history & lifestyle data to enable personalized preventive healthcare plans.

Putting altogether:

   Healthcare is one of the industry which definitely needs a digital transformation to make the entire process hassle-free. As most of the popular giants have adopted this strategy,  it has resulted in good outcomes.

Without doubts, the growth of Digital Twins is here to make positive disruptions for Healthcare. If you belong to this sector and looking to implement them, you can get in touch with us.

Being one of the top Digital Transformation Companies, we can help you with easy implementation and doubling your revenues. 

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