How Blockchain and JavaScript are Best Suited for Mobile App Development?

How Blockchain and JavaScript are Best Suited for Mobile App Development?

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Blockchain technology, in its growing stage, is being extensively used in several modern industries, today for the huge benefits it offers. In addition to the great transparency and enhanced security that it provides, costs are reduced whenever software programmers and developers make use of it.

Blockchain technology was initially difficult, but with new JavaScript APIs, it proves to be easier and of great use to users and thus architects of digital applications and platforms. Today, the combination of Blockchain and JavaScript is found to take mobile application development to the next level.

The use of blockchain along with JavaScript library for building mobile applications does wonders. Lisk is a platform, the software kit of which allows initiation of blockchain application development by users, regardless of what level of knowledge they have about blockchain.

What is the Role of the Blockchain and JavaScript Combo in Mobile App Development?

The combination of JavaScript and Blockchain Proves Best for Application Development
Blockchain development has enabled mobile app developers to craft business-centric, fully customized applications in the required forms such as e-commerce, gaming, social media network, accounting, finance, and others. The use of JavaScript coding along with Lisk has paved the way for extending the exclusive benefits of the blockchain apps, to even those who are not expert programmers.

Choosing JavaScript Code for Creating Apps on Blockchain Offers Exclusive Benefits
Easy accessibility by everyone is the major motivating factor of Blockchain mobile app development. Making blockchain applications easily available to everyone is enabled by using JavaScript, one of the most popular contemporary programming languages.

JavaScript goes through a lot of new improvements and developments on a regular basis. The main reason for the popularity of JavaScript and why it proves to be extremely useful for Blockchain developers, is the fact that it is possible to make use of JavaScript on any browser from frontend as well as backend processes.

Furthermore, it offers the facility to be used on any of the nodes such as graphical user interface clients, command line interface, and auxiliary servers. Hence, no more critical cryptographic functionality or coding is needed.

The Decentralized Nature of Blockchain is a Crucial Aspect in App Development
Building apps on a decentralized platform such as blockchain helps in eliminating the need for making use of a central authority. This in turn makes the developer responsible for the data rather than relying on some third party apps. This results in increased network size and also enhances the mechanism for relevant user interactions.

How can a Mobile App Development Company Reap the Exclusive Benefits of Blockchain Development?

1. Blockchain in combination with JavaScript promotes simplicity
Performing functions will become simple with blockchain. This will enable an easy and cost-efficient approach to mobile app development. Feature-rich apps without complexities can be created under reasonable pricing and with only moderate efforts.


2. Application security will be high
Applications developed with blockchain technology are considered much more safer. As the most reliable and advanced cryptography is used, the highest level of safety is ensured here.


3. Reliability of apps will increase
Reliability of mobile apps are about to increase significantly, thanks to blockchain application development. The structure of blockchain itself being reliable and robust, the complete system is secured against any potential crash or collapse. Data exists in more than one place. This makes blockchain technology all the more reliable.

4. Updating applications will be easier
Evolving at an unprecedented speed, blockchain technology is expected to bring maximum updates in easy and quick manner. Enterprise mobile apps built using blockchain and JavaScript will become ready to address present and future needs. Offering enhanced customer service will become possible with such up-to-date applications.

5. Blockchain helps increase transparency
Every transaction is recorded so that users are able to track these, when and as they intend. There’s no possibility of fabricated information or fraudulent transaction here. Valuable data is protected and customers’ trust is earned when blockchain technology is used.


6. Identity protection is enabled
Storage of data is not constrained to any server. With data being stored in different blocks, hackers will not be able to shut down the system. Users are offered working with secret key encryption on cryptography. Misuse of data is totally eliminated.


7. Password burden is relieved
Despite passwords being strong, there’s always the threat of password leak. Blockchain technology eliminates this risk by doing away with passwords. Here, payment process between two parties occurs through SSL certificate. Moreover, the blockchain network regularly reviews everything, making it accessible and visible to all. This eliminates the chance of fakes in any way.

8. A complex digital ledger is added
The blockchain is like a digital ledger that is powered by an extensive computer network, wherein all systems parse and send data in collaborative manner. Alteration of information is notified to all the machines in the network that hold the same ledger. Values are thus adjusted at the same time.

The mobile networks that are stressed with several channels that attempt to wirelessly access data, making data loss possible. Improved data streaming and storage with Blockchain ensures avoiding this eventuality.

How Does Mobile Technology Connect With Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain acts as a distributed digital ledger in which all transactions made through cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically. This eliminates third-party intervention.

Blockchain is the decentralized database that is hosted by unlimited computers simultaneously. Data can be accessed by anyone with Internet connectivity easily. The distributed structure eliminates the possibility of data corruption due to hacker attack.

Blockchain app development brings high performance and scalability to business. The following are a few of the major services provided by Mobile App Development Companies using blockchain technology:

  • Cryptocurrency development
  • ICO launch
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Private blockchain
  • Smart contracts development
  • Multichain development

Offering several significant benefits such as security, transparency, cost reduction, traceability, and auditability, blockchain app development with JavaScript is about to change the mobile app development process greatly. It will enable Mobile App Development Companies to increase the speed and efficiency of transactions in the applications.

By 2021, the blockchain market spending is predicted to cross $9.7 billion from just $945 million in 2017.

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