Best actionable tips for reducing mobile app development cost

Best actionable tips for reducing mobile app development cost

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Mobile apps, business competitionA multitude of Smartphone users, highly personalized mobile apps and voice-based features are making mobile app development a fully loaded proposition for all stakeholders. In an era where over 58% of users make online searches for local business information, businesses are battling their way down to make their businesses buzz online and benefit the best from social media, e-commerce, and fidelity of mobiles.

The Indian start-up ecosystem is motivating and creating new-age entrepreneurs. There are a great number of millennials turning founders with fairly averaging business ideas. In such a scenario, mobile application development companies are leaving no stone unturned to build the best mobile apps and counter the boom with world-class services. Increasing business outstretches competition, it becomes extremely important for founders and mobile app development companies to make optimized roadmaps. Ensure that profitable business ideas do not feel the hurdles of mobile app development cost. After all, the mobile app development cost is the seed investment that sets the tone and the basic turnaround of the overall budget. It also positions your business among all the competitors. 

Here are the best, realistic tips to reduce mobile app development cost

Extensive market researchThorough market research is required in multiple dimensions. Founders need to extensively researched through relating with their competitors and the respective ecosystem to validate their innovation. It will help you form the most relevant and critical functionalities that they need to build upfront. It will help you reduce the cost in the initial phase and also streamline the development process in the minds of project managers and developers. Alongside, you can create realistic milestones of development activities which give you the confidence to slowly upscale the cost if required.

On the other hand, there are mobile app development companies and standalone developers offering great services. While you have an idea in mind, it is important to hit the realistic road and negotiate among your best possible development options in terms of:

Innovative business modelTo optimize the cost of your mobile app development project, you should keep highly flexible, crystal clear terms with the mobile app development companies. You can share the cost by providing them reasonable stake in the digital product ownership and thus, the profit. It is one of the options which you can take but if backed by investors having deep pockets, you can fast-track your way through a reasonable MVP or EVP at a least possible time to market. On a similar note, you can look to explore beneficial and feasible permutations and combinations of sharing the cost with investors, mobile app Development Company or the promoters that will help you execute the plan with least possible risk.

Pinpointed focus: Pareto’s Rule

Pareto’s rule says 80% of results are procured by 20% effort.

Here, it simply means that if you’re looking for a consistently growing mobile app with a sustainable idea, you should go for the most critical and basic functionalities which will form the foundation of your business idea. Once these functionalities are cohesively built and integrated to make up for the core product, you can pull down the strings and manage costs while developing the site functionalities, features and form the lucrative propositions regarding your mobile app development project. It is one of the best ways of reducing cost and one of the greatest pitfalls where founders generally get trapped while planning out their digital product.

Choosing a customized tech stackUnderstanding the need for a super lightweight product is extremely critical in today’s date. When robustness of your mobile app means a lot to the customer, it is extremely important for you to choose the right set of technologies and digital tools that will constitute the development platform. For instance, if you are building an extensive web app, you may look for nonconventional serverless deployment architecture with JavaScript-based full-stack development with a leading Mobile App Development Company.  Larger grossing mobile app development companies can help you reduce cost because of dynamic teams and lower unit labor cost of development. They will also help you choose the right development platforms and technology for your product.

Give due importance to feedback Feedback is highly important because of the high possibility of miscommunication between the project manager, client and the developers. Several isolated stakeholders are working their minds out on a single idea to craft a successful digital product. It is important to carefully gauge the hourly and daily timelines of development. Giving concise, clear feedback to the development team will help you achieve your desired digital product in a substantially lesser number of sprints. It may help you save a direct and shortened phase of development before you choose between an MVP or an EVP.

Keep optimized teamsDisguise wastage of effort and human labor in a mobile app development project is a common thing. To reduce cost-efficiently, you should positively look to measure the contributions and unit productivity of all team members. It will help you keep a better track of the project developments, timeline and also help you realize if the number of members in our team is justified or someone is burdening the proceedings.


Mobile app development companies and young age founders are carving out the mobile app development industry like craftsmen. The competition is cruel and zealous to reduce the cost for a leaner, meaner product. But the highly productive and impactful product has always exhibited resilience and targeted efforts. Cost reduction is like a tightrope walk where lethargic approach or too firm steps may lead to direct failure. Reducing cost and mobile app development projects should be led by a systematized thinking pattern that justifies the opportunity of cost-cutting without harming quality and reliability of development. Cost has always remained the most critical factor in any business idea and technology is looped through the needle-hole of mobile development. Thus, making it a tricky proposition for the founders and CTOs to conquer.

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