A Developer’s Perspective on Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2023

A Developer’s Perspective on Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2023

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This article acts as a complete mobile app development guide relating to the diverse mobile app development market in 2023. We will continue to update it to offer newer perspectives on the subject.

Are you considering the top programming languages of the future to use when designing a mobile app for your project? 

Even though there are many programming languages, not all of them are appropriate for app development. As a result, it’s crucial to know your options and select the best programming language to not only develop for Android and iOS but also expand your overall app development skills. There are many options for aspiring app developers to get started with app development, including using Java and Kotlin for Android development, Swift for iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad, or a more common language like JavaScript and React Native for cross-platform apps that run on both Android and iOS.

Selecting the right programming language is crucial when building a mobile application. The top programming languages that will rule in 2023 are covered in this post, and you may utilise them to create your unique mobile applications.

What elements must be taken into account when choosing the best mobile app development language?

To use a particular framework, mobile app developers must be familiar with the necessary programming language. Programming languages also have an impact on your tech stack, upcoming updates, and app maintenance. Therefore, it’s crucial to take into account the following considerations when choosing the top mobile app development languages so that you may utilise all of your resources effectively and reduce the cost of developing mobile apps:

  • Native, hybrid, or cross-platform mobile app types
  • App complexity: simple, medium-complex, or complex
  • A platform for mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, or both
  • Production duration performance
  • Simplicity in development and upkeep
  • Efficiency
  • Presence of an IDE
  • Checking and identifying errors
  • Experience with developers’ performance
  • The elasticity of a language community and support system
  • Cost of developing apps
  • Reliability
  • Security

Best Mobile App Development Languages in 2023

What programming language is best for app development? The best programming language for app development depends on various factors, including the type of app, target platform, and developer’s skill set. However, popular languages for app development include Java, Swift, Kotlin, and React Native, which is widely used for developing native and cross-platform mobile apps.


Java is one of the most popular and official languages for Android applications. It stands to be the most used application language. Maximum applications in the Play Store are built in Java, and it is the most supported programming language by Google. But, it may not be well-suited for beginners as it might be difficult to master for those who are just starting off.

Among the top programming languages of the future, Java is a conventional choice. Java is considered an affordable programming language that speeds up development. It also encourages innovation and improves the application’s features. 


Python is the top programming language of the future – About 80% of developers utilize this language as their primary code for projects. The top companies that are using the python language are Intel, Facebook, Spotify and Netflix,etc. It is also one of the modern & dynamically semantic high-level programming languages. As a result, it is employed in many different sectors for a range of tasks, including creating desktop GUIs, constructing frameworks, micro-frameworks, and complicated content management systems. Machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence processes all leverage Python for its large library of pre-built frameworks. 

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Kotlin is the top programming language for mobile app development. It’s a cross-platform language that’s used as a substitute for Java, which used to be the standard for Android apps. Using kotlin, now considered predominantly as an android app development language, users can complete tasks almost as easily as with Java while writing lesser code (Extensions, Data Classes, Null Safety). The UI design work and Android extensions have eliminated boilerplate code, such as findViewById, etc.

The only negative differentiator between Kotlin and Java right now is the lack of a null pointer exception in Kotlin, which is an extra feature in Java..

Even though Kotlin is a simplified version of Java, it nevertheless packs a powerful punch, making it the greatest programming language for creating mobile applications.


Flutter’s user interface toolkit enables developers to create aesthetically pleasing, native-like apps for multiple operating systems and devices in a single codebase. Widgets are used by this open-source mobile app SDK to facilitate the creation of responsive mobile applications. This function enables developers to swiftly update existing applications and produce new ones. 


C++ is a programming language used for Android mobile application development using the Android Native Development Kit [NDK]. The app developers can’t develop an application completely based on C++, and the NDK executes some parts of the application using the native code of C++. 

C++ is a functional programming language for Android application development, but it has certain drawbacks. So, it is often recommended to use Java instead of C++ as it does not provide the necessary gains. 


C# is considered an ideal mobile app development language for its frameworks for Android application development. Like Java, C# has garbage collections to avoid the chances of memory leakage. 

In the initial days, the major drawback held by C# was, it could only be accessed on Windows systems as it used the .NET framework. It is a cross-platform for executing common language infrastructure.


JavaScript is one of the best programming languages and works great for iOS and Android apps as well. Scalability and event-driven capabilities are its main advantages. According to a survey, more than 95 per cent of the websites use JavaScript on the client side. The language boasts well-organized codebases that enhance productivity and readability. Among the top JavaScript users are Microsoft, Uber, PayPal, Google, and Walmart.

Corona + Lua

Corona SDK is a popular open source and free platform for developing mobile game applications. Lua scripting language is used in this framework, which is lightweight, simple to use, and adaptable for developing game applications.

It has two kinds of operational modes:

  • Corona Simulator
  • Corona Native

The Lua code is a bit limited as compared to Java. But it is much more simple than Java and is very easy to comprehend for beginners. Many monetization aspects are attached to it for a better application development experience by any mobile app development company in India.

Objective C

Objective C programming language was developed in the early 1980s and is widely used by iOS developers. With regard to the way of contemporary coding, it remains stable and provides many advantages for app development. With Way2Smile Solutions, enterprises and governments receive the best iOS application development in Chennai, using Objective C.


Statistical and graphical programming can be done with R, a fairly new programming language. Data miners and statisticians use it extensively for data analysis. LinkedIn, Flipkart, Amazon, and Google are among the top companies using R. 

There are numerous applications of it in the fields of data analysis, financial analysis, and telecommunications.

Here is the infographic about Top Mobile App Development Languages

Top Mobile App Development Languages


In conclusion, the field of developing mobile apps is always expanding, and new programming languages are created to improve on existing ones. Many mobile app development companies use the development languages mentioned above to develop applications for Android & iOS. 

From the list above, it’s not difficult to select the best programming language for creating your mobile apps. If you are planning to develop a mobile application, we hope this information will be useful to you as you decide which language to use. Each application has its objective and motive, so which programming language shall suit the best with motive of the application depends on the application developer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Kotlin is considered better than Java for a myriad of reasons.
Using Kotlin Application Deployment, applications are faster to compile, lighter, and take up less space. It is less verbose and has fewer bugs than it, so any code that is written in it is much smaller. Compiling the code into bytecode makes it available for JVM execution.
Java was the official language for Android App Development and is therefore the most popular language too. It is also the most supported language by Google, and most of the apps in the Play Store are written in Java.
When using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), C++ can be used for Android app development. The NDK is used to implement parts of the app in native C++ code, since it is not possible to create an app entirely in C++.
In the above list, we mentioned the top 10 languages for developing mobile app development according to developers’ perspectives. According to this list, JavaScript is the best programming language for iOS and Android apps and even building PWAs (Progressive Web Applications).
Android apps are commonly developed in Java, one of the top programming languages. All these benefits are due to a vast community, a variety of solutions, and premade modules. Generally, developers are able to solve issues quickly and easily on Java.

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