Top Trending Industries that can benefit from Mobile Apps

Top Trending Industries that can benefit from Mobile Apps

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In today’s business scenario a majority of the industries are investing a large sum in developing strategies and achieving the competitive edge over the others. It is with technology that industries are heavily depending upon to simplify their complex nature of business operations and then offer quick solutions. Mobile Apps in this way an innovative technological tool that can benefit every business models. It is also a reason for why the many no of industries are opting for acquiring mobile apps into their business and attaining maximum benefits.

Companies are thinking in collective terms when it comes to developing brand names and revenue models through a single reliable business mobile app. This should also help companies to improve their visibility, customer support and ease of communications. Understanding all these inferences many of the Mobile App Development Companies are beginning to develop mobile apps that are recommended for reiterating business activities and sales.

There are a variety of proliferated mobile apps that is suited for every business needs getting developed in the offing from mobile app development companies. A research study shows that 90% of companies and industries have made voluntary investments in enterprise apps developments for boosting business sales. According to Gartner research these trends might accelerate by five times more and without any limitations should keep up mobile app developers all time busy.

Whatever the business strength be you ought to have a business app in order to reach to your customers and then intimate about the product information in today’s world of digital revolution. It is clear from the service provider and end user perspective about the enormity of benefits gained in utilizing Enterprise Apps. Now both the customers and service providers can interact effectively and get mutually profited.

The future of business would be built on mobile technologies with global presence in social media, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Medium and Uber Apps. Moreover, there are different industries who are devising plans to adopt to mobile applications and to capitalise on the market share.

Learn about the various ways of using mobile apps and add value to different Industries

Different Industries are looking for ways to position their brands high at a global level through using mobile apps. The mobile app development company have transformed the business market exuberantly and promoted it to a next level. The overall numbers are quite staggering when considering the different industries that have already taken advantage of utilizing mobile apps. We have enumerated a list of industries that have done great deals using enterprise apps and they are:

IT IndustryIT Industry happens to be the biggest of consulting companies that offers versatile solutions to other industries using latest of technologies. It allows them to be at the first place of communication among all types of customers, typically through sheer practise of innovation. Few of the Software Companies are working rigorously towards changing the landscape of business world through producing mobile applications. In addition, IT Companies are using their business apps for projecting their work portfolios more elegantly. However producing an enterprise app present with high quality performances is definitely what attracts from individual customers to powering up different industries.

Education IndustryThe convenience of Mobility has led to making of learning process lot easier and affordable in today’s scenario. E-Learning is still the latest trend in educational sector surpassing a few number of years. It is a journey from Whiteboard to Keyboard learning environment. The introduction of Mobile Apps in Education Industry have induced great interest within learners and helps them in understand contents quickly. Currently, there are many number of Universities, Colleges and Schools that makes use of Enterprise Apps for improving the Quality of Education excellently. Apps can help in many ways for students to collaboration with their teachers. Thus mobile technology can be utilized in achieving a high degree of efficiency.

Mobility is certainly the technology that is going to reduce the limitations of distancing that prevails in the education industry and then bring it to the doorsteps of student’s. Further, educational apps can personalise the student’s interest and then bridge the gap between education and geographical boundaries.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Technology infrastructure together enables students with the learning to progress quality and the same can be perceived in education field like Infrastructure Development, Technical Support, Teacher Training & Development, Academic & Curriculum Development and more.

Healthcare IndustryThere are around 1, 00, 000 and over healthcare and fitness apps currently available in mobile and tablet formats. In terms of revenue streams the global healthcare smart applications are estimated to be around USD 26 billion’s. Almost 50% of smart phone users have at least one healthcare enterprise app installed for the purpose of being aware about their health status. It should also reduce the burden of any patient from visiting a doctor. Some of the doctors are using healthcare app efficiently for attending to patients in real-time and curing their decease promptly. Hence healthcare apps are delegated into every day practises for improving medical facility and expedite services. This might soon introduce you to E-Health reports and then allow hospitals and doctors to interact whenever fixing appointments and prescribing of drugs.

Retail IndustryRetail Industry is a place where customer service and operations are given prime importance. Here is where Mobile Apps play a customer centric approach and offer shoppers the vast no of choices in retail sections for making preferences at once. It gives retailers the option to display all their products under a 360 degree view for the customers. This technology is due to the part of integration of AR within the IoT Retail Apps that ensures in providing a high level of customer services. Now the retail industry can understand their genre of customers and then build communities and develop loyalty programs for branding their global presence.

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Games & Entertainment IndustryGaming Apps are copious in the global level and is estimated to be approximately USD 17 billion dollars in revenue. It is expected to soar high at USD 44 billion’s levelling both the Games and Entertainment industry at an all-time high. Gaming Apps can target all age groups and creates a world of opportunities for the present day of app developers. Entertainment Apps are making use of mobile apps advantageously through real time streaming of latest movies, videos and songs.

Smartphones is built with effective elements for sharing information in the Entertainment and Media industry. And Enterprise Mobile Apps presents to a user friendly interfaces that can attract audiences and further engage them in hearing to news, cricket scores and music every time.

Travel & TourismMobile Apps provides a world of convenience for global travellers and also promoted Travel & Tourism industry exceptionally well. It helps travellers to easily identify places of attraction and thus offers the travel guidance for safely reaching the tourist spot. Some Tourism companies opt for mobile apps simply to build their brand image and retain a lot of travellers to their business. Enterprise based Travel Apps works cost efficiently for travellers to plan ahead with their journey taking into consideration of suggested weather forecast, maps, nearby hotels, restaurants and shopping centres etc.

TelecommunicationTelecommunication is all the time a revolutionising industry that can provide innovative ways of establishing communication within users. The mobile network services is all set to generate a revenue sum of USD 1.1 Trillion’s in 2019 using latest of technologies. Also, telecom service providers are working towards increasing their productivity and smoothen service delivery processes. Enterprise Mobile Applications can be best used in telecom service providers in order to nurture their customer service, better brand visibility and customer engagement. Further, mobile applications are helping to integrate notifications, shopping, billing, payment options, video and music for customers through availing the telecom services.

Online Shopping IndustryShopping Industry across worldwide are dependent upon brands to launch their new clothes, shoes, hand bags and accessories etc. There are already brands that have built exclusive mobile apps for customers in order to update their new products online and then convert them into a sale. Now brands can send real time beacon notifications to their customers and then indulge them into going for shopping. Using augmented reality in online shopping apps allow ecommerce companies to provide a product description and then upload images for better convincing e-shoppers. It also results in achieving awesome online shopping experiences for both the vendor and customers absolutely.

Manufacturing IndustryThe Manufacturing Industry is finding mobile apps to be the best way of improving efficiency & quality during ongoing production of goods. The introduction of Internet of Things Apps in the manufacturing industry should definitely transform its production process into a stimulating game-changing role. This results to drastic changes in the manufacturing industry making it a lot agile and cost effective unit. The application of Internet of Things sensors have transformed the manufacturing process into a holistic and automated process thereby cutting in downtime and improving productivity. Now, it is feasible for the manufacturing company to quote a competitive price of their product within the market arena and then display high competency.


Mobile Applications have unknowingly become an integral part of employees working in different industries. This has also influenced a lot of slow adopters and thereby enhanced the profitability of various industries. Even in companies like tourism, education institution, retail and private hospitals, there are a lot of people accessing to mobility intelligibly. All these ideas can prove to be good for any industry irrespective of their business generating huge profits and customer base. It is also the ultimate goal of any enterprise application in business prospects. Way2Smile Solutions, as a leading well-established mobile app development company in Chennai, we’ve got a handful of well-experienced developers who’re well expertise in both android application development and iOS application development. Contact our experts now!

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