How Good is Xamarin for Android App Development ?

How Good is Xamarin for Android App Development ?

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Xamarin for Android App Development :
Patronage for mobile-based strategies has been found to be rising steadily and the use of mobile devices has firmly picked up and expected to exponentially grow in the coming years. Xamarin, the modern cross-platform development software, enables developers to achieve robust cross-platform app development in simple, yet efficient manner. Business owners and organizations across the globe get to avail a bouquet of services when they sign up for Xamarin mobile application development for android.

How Does Xamarin Help Android App Development ?

With the need for developing mobile apps increasing in a constant way, developers and Android App Development Companies are in the lookout for the right technology to develop apps quickly and efficiently, while offering users the most responsive and reliable experience. And in the race to achieve providing fast and effective solutions to clients through mobile apps that run across the major contemporary platforms, Xamarin becomes their natural choice.

Xamarin allows developers to have common coding programming for android & also for multiple platforms. Code reuse is one major factor that makes Xamarin stay ahead of the contemporary technologies. With Android OS taking the world by storm in the recent years, it is only natural that developers need a robust tool to help them come up with mobile apps that run and perform well on multiple platforms while having an added weight on Android devices. Offering reduced development time and high application performance, Xamarin mobile application development for android provides all that today’s developers seek.

Why is Xamarin Considered the Most Appropriate for Android App Development ?

XAMARIN FOR ANDROIDXamarin gives flexibility in terms of writing single code and saves time and money on both iOS and Android app development processes. In addition to that, it is enriched with an architecture having visual design platform for developing native-like mobile applications and testing suites, Xamarin includes a nugget style component store and native library support. Xamarin is considered the most preferred framework for covering all major mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The rich features of .Net framework libraries are added advantages here from the developers’ standpoint.

Xamarin Mobile application Development for Android

  • Code sharing: Xamarin allows creating Android apps with C# code base that can be shared with other platforms such as iOS and Windows. Code reusability is improved to nearly 80%, sometimes even more.
  • Simplified and Quick Development: Code sharing being made simple across platforms and C# being the development language, developers are empowered to make use of rich features. Xamarin offers advantages of native UI, thus enabling retention of the features of the native app development.
  • Component Store: The component store in Xamarin allows developers to add quality components to apps directly from IDE – charts, UI controls, web service, cloud services, graphs, and beautiful themes can be added. Integrated with Xamarin studio and Visual studio, adding components to apps is easy.
  • Xamarin Forms: Xamarin forms enable interface design for various platforms within the XAML-based framework. With over 40 controls and layouts mapped to the native controls on runtime, Xamarin forms are a rich source for developers.
  • Portable Class Libraries: By making use of portable class libraries, developers are facilitated to write codes in libraries that may further be shared across all devices using different operating systems. Building their own app logic as portable class libraries enables developers to use it anywhere they wish.

General Benefits of Xamarin App Development

  • It is more compatible with the .NET framework & gives the flexibility to switch between applications for various platforms through C# & .NET
  • It allows your enterprise to enter the market more quickly and you can able to crack all the contradictions or glitches within your app.
  • -Cross-platform capabilities are Xamarin’s most compelling feature, and it is too close to native applications. In addition to that, you’ll also get a high level of performance with full process optimisation.
  • When it comes to code updating & maintenance, the Xamarin framework gives you simplified app maintenance. And, you can able to update the application simultaneously for both android and iOS and they’ll get new functionalities more efficiently.
  • If you’re an early-stage startup or smaller firm, the Xamarin platform is completely free to use and larger organizations can get the license from Microsoft’s visual studio development environment to avail full support and get all access to .NET packages and libraries.

It is more common for well-established enterprises and businesses to be focused on faster time-to-market and also to be able to share and maintain technology stacks quickly.

The Role Played by Xamarin in Future Mobile App Development
Developers are able to gain the ability to craft mobile apps with great styling power and novel layouts while using Xamarin. Xamarin is commonly found to be used in large organizations that already use Microsoft technologies such as C#, ASPNET, and .NET. Using Xamarin for building mobile apps is easier for them, given their expertise in C#. For Android app development, Xamarin proves to be a good starting point.

The following are the major positives of Xamarin mobile application development for android, making it gain great focus in the present as well as near future:

  • Xamarin offers real experience of native app: When Xamarin is chosen as the mobile app development software, developers are in a position to provide similar functionalities to mobile applications that are created on different platforms. Code being able to blend with various platforms, Xamarin, the cross-platform app development software, assures that users enjoy the real experience of native apps.
  • Demand for cross-platform app development: With time change technologies and user preferences. The ‘one app fits all’ policy does not hold good anymore; people’s preferences and the mobile devices they use have changed. The need for developing omnipotent apps has been increasing steadily. Here’s where Xamarin mobile application development for android allows developers to come up with cost-effective apps, thanks to reusable codes.
  • The C# Advantage: Xamarin employs C# as the coding language that provides a host of exclusive advantages such as ease of learning and flexibility. All the benefits of Microsoft’s C# are available to developers, when using Xamarin.
  • Native API Access can be Enjoyed: Developers, when picking up Xamarin for creating their Android apps, can access APIs, thus saving considerable time. This enables launching the Android apps into the market in a fast way.
  • Writing Code Once and Running Anywhere: Android mobile apps built using Xamarin promise single code base combined with superior user interface and effective native performance.
  • App Testing is Easier: Xamarin provides the mobile device test cloud and automation framework; there’s no need for separate automation testing. Testing a number of mobile devices is made possible while necessary improvements may also be implemented.

With several notable benefits such as native API access, native user interfaces, and native performance, Cross-platform App Development using Xamarin becomes the most preferred one in today’s world.

Xamarin has been found to emerge as one of the most robust tools in recent times for cross-platform app development as it helps reach myriad smart devices regardless of platform. Apps created using Xamarin focus on making use of standard native user interfaces; they provide a great user experience. Most business owners, get started with the mobile application development process with the Xamarin platform with respect to key features such as reducing time to market, cost-effectiveness, and leveraging a single technology stack.

Easy sharing and collaboration, seamless API integration capability, cost efficiency, and rapid app development are the factors that drive Xamarin ahead of all contemporary app development tools.

Here, at Way2Smile Solutions, our dedicated developers deliver top-of-the-line both android and iOS app development solutions by leveraging the xamarin app development frameworks to ensure your business stays ahead of your competition.

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